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The hills of adventure

Nandi Hills is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Bangalore. Located a mere 50kms away from the centre of the city, its rich architectural legacy and glorious vantage points overlooking the valley is every photographer’s paradise. Old fortresses, abandoned railway stations and ancient temples have rich historic significance. Nandi Hill’s ecology is one of the most vibrant and diverse systems in South India, offering a unique experience to nature enthusiasts and kids.

How's the weather in Nandi Hills, Bangalore?

Nandi Hills, Bangalore, is known for its comfortable, pleasant weather. It experiences a mild summer and moderate rainfall. Locals and tourists make a beeline to the to the hilltop before dawn to enjoy early morning mist, dew-drenched grass and the sunrise. Nandi Hills makes for an ideal weekend getaway not too far from the city.

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Must-do places around Nandi Hills

On nature trails through the forest, you’ll spot magnificent Golden Orioles freewheeling in the sky, enchanting critters scampering away in the distance, and towering trees with centuries-old stories in every leaf. Come dusk, you’ll witness vibrant traditional dances of the talented Nandi tribal folk. This is the Nandi you’ve always marvelled at in pictures and postcards. Now it comes alive right before your eyes.

What activities are available around the Nandi Hills resort?

Discovery Village resorts in Nandi Hills offers exciting team building & fun activities for people of all age groups, different interests and energy levels. For the adventurous souls, we offer ample outdoor activities like trekking, mountain climbing, zorbing, and much more. For guests who prefer a laid-back holiday, we offer nature walks, bird watching, history tours and pottery classes.

Overnight stay at Nandi Hills

Discovery Village stay at Nandi Hills offers a unique retreat experience that is unlike any other holiday you’ve been on. Our space is grounded in local culture. The architecture is eco-friendly and designed with upcycled and locally sourced materials. We’ve kept the indoors sparse and minimalistic so that you can focus on the real hero — The Great Outdoors. Discovery Village brings a smile on your face and rejuvenates your soul. It is an ideal destination for corporate team outings or family holidays. Book a holiday at Discover Village, Nandi Hills, and create unforgettable memories!

What are the near-by attractions in Nandi Hills?

Nandi Hills Bangalore is home to the oldest Bhoganandeshwara temple and Nandi temple. Nehru Nilay and Gandhi Nilay, positioned on the hilltop, are of historical importance, and should definitely be part of your itinerary! Explore the sprawling fort, British bungalows and Tipu Sultan’s palace. Visit the Kalyani pond and Amruth Sarovar to complete your experience of this destination.

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