Untie Me

A slice of Activity

Untie Me is an entertaining game for all. Unravel the trick to get the treat. This is a team game which involves 2 people partnering to solve the rope trick. In Untie Me, participants are required to untie their partners by undoing their knots very quickly. But there is a catch! One particular know near the wrist must remain intact. Does it seem like a difficult feat?

Your task is completed only when you have successfully undone all the knots except the one at the wrist. It can be made competitive by teaming against your colleagues. Or set a time limit and see who finishes first. How fast would you be able to free your partner? Would you be able to solve it before everyone else?

Involve Everyone

This game is perfect not just for a corporate day outing but also for families. Ideal for all age groups a family outing in Bangalore or other Discovery Village destinations can be made fun-filled. As the game does not have a restriction on the number of participants, everyone can play! Make sure that you team up with the smartest one in the group to solve this puzzle as fast as possible!

Skills that Surface

Untie Me is one of the best team building activities in Bangalore. It involves analytical thinking and excellent problem-solving abilities. Undoing the knots is similar to chess, one wrong move and you might get stuck in a quagmire. The participants are required to be level headed (while the audience cheers on and the clock is ticking) and work well with their partners. It is a good way to develop a rapport with your partner as undoing the knots could be done faster with two minds working in coordination.

A Day Out

Discovery Village not only conducts a corporate day outing in Bangalore but also in many other destinations such as Masinagudi and Kabini. Choose from urban to jungle backdrops for your day out. But why is it important to have corporate retreats. A change in atmosphere can be invigorating. Not only this, retreats can encourage creativity, improve communication skills and help develop a good rapport between your team members. Removed from the office set-up, one can be more expressive in a non-work environment. At our jungle resorts, a breath of pollution-free air can do wonders to the mind and body. At Discovery Village, we understand the importance of these retreats and aim to provide you with an unparalleled experience and ensure that you have the time of your life!

Why Stay With Us

With so many resorts, what makes our destinations different from the rest? The Discovery Village team comprises of skilled and experienced individuals who are dedicated to providing the guests with quality service. The games we conduct are designed to improve and hone skills of professionals. Not only this, these games are packed with entertainment for all. Along with a comfortable stay, we provide a calming environment to enable our guests to unwind and have a good time. Wait no more and book us today!

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