A slice of Activity

True to its name, Twister is a game designed to get your arms and legs knotted! Twister is a popular game in the western countries and is enjoyed by all age groups. It is mostly played indoors and involves up to 4 or 5 participants. The game is played on a carpet-sized board with several coloured circles. The rules are simple. Turn the spinner and put your hand or leg on the colour the spinner stops at. It will seem simple at first but after a few moves, the real fun begins! The objective is to follow the spinner and avoid falling over. The last participant standing wins. Make sure you stretch your muscles before you play this game as it requires you to be flexible.

Hone your Skills

Simple yet challenging, one may not see the advantages of playing twister. Although the game is easy to understand to most people, and is completely harmless, winning it requires skill. Twister can enhance your capacity to solve a problem and challenges your analytical capabilities. This game requires you to think quickly on your feet (and hands). Enjoy a game of twister at one of Discovery Village’s adventure resorts in Bangalore and other places.

Get Everybody Involved

Twister truly packs a punch! Although the game allows 4 to 5 participants at a time, new players can take the place of the ones eliminated. This way, everybody gets a chance to experience the fun! It would be interesting to see how many people would volunteer to risk falling over. Would you be able to stretch far enough to reach the circle? Who would be the first to topple over? Who will be the last man standing? Find out!

The Best Place to Be

There are innumerable places for a corporate team outing in Bangalore and beyond. But very few provide the perfect atmosphere for the ideal retreat. At Discovery Village, we aim to bring you the best of the best with our resorts. From an urban setting in the city to jungle resorts in Masinagudi, Discovery Village ensures that our guests have the time of their lives. We conduct a host of activities from bird watching to human foosball, aimed to increase your knowledge and enhance your skills while having fun. If you are looking for the best family resort in Bangalore, look no further as Discovery Village destinations are perfect for all kinds of groups.

Why you Must Visit Us

Corporate retreats are on the rise for a good reason. It is easier to cultivate a good rapport with your colleagues in an unofficial environment. At Discovery Village, we understand the vital role these retreats play in the workings of a team. From our years of experience, we have designed many activities that enable you to not only bond with your team but also discover new skills. Along with this, we provide you with the right ambience that allows you to unwind and freely express yourself. Join us and enjoy a fun-filled outing at our resorts.


Problem solving, risk taking, analytical skills, decision making.

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