Three Island

A slice of Activity

Isn’t it an excitement to witness the unravelling of an interesting story, narrated by three groups, right in front of our eyes? Indeed, it is! And it is not an exaggeration to quote that this excitement eventually becomes the second nature of all the games designed by Discovery Village. Speaking of an innovative outdoor game draped in the form of Three Island, this is a unique activity, much to the appeal of various groups of participants whether for a corporate day outing or a family outing in Bangalore.

In keeping with its very name, this game requires the entire group of participants to be divided into three sub-groups. With each sub-group working towards a particular objective at hand, these three teams together work towards the ultimate goal of the team to emerge as a winner. And to make this happen, all the three sub-groups are required to house themselves in different locations, juggling with their respective limitations and objectives. Identified as a path breaking game from Discovery Village, Three Island demonstrates the synergistic benefits of fun and focus with a propensity to take risks.

Three Sub-Groups Work in Unison

Speaking of the three different sub-groups which are required to play the game of Three Island, the first group works towards attaining the objective of dropping a ball into a can through the use of three balls that are at their disposal. The second group is all concerned about navigating the blindfolded teammates with their task through the use of four rubber mats that become their gaming inventory. Last but not the least, the third group is majorly concerned about bringing all the participants onto their island. And as they are focused on their job, this group also has to knock over bowling pins to ultimately untie themselves from an entanglement.

Every Group Has a Story to Tell

Basically, Three Island is a game of paying heed to the small nuances that eventually play a role in making up a complete story. Plugging in their resources when required, participants toil to churn out a wonderful story making the most of the information at their disposal. And to weave this wonderful story, participants demonstrate the effective implementation of their innovative thoughts. Identified as a game which handholds participants to think and proceed in an arbitrary manner shunning the “run of the mill” principles, Three Island comes as an exciting life-skill promoting game thus, making for a great Bangalore corporate team building activity.

The Exhibition of Humane Characteristics

The successful completion of this well-designed game of Three Island is to bring about the team building capabilities to the forefront with an eye towards creativity and leadership. Thrusting a great deal of importance on planning and communication, this game works on the premise that all the three sub-groups should work towards the successful completion of a series of complicated and interdependent tasks, ultimately to emerge as a winning team. Needless to mention, this game goes a long way in professing the planning abilities of an individual in response to the instructions he receives from his teammates, thereby paving the way for a stronger communication channel between the instructor and the implementer. Identifying the importance of internal and external channels of communication that every organization encounters on a daily basis, Three Island exemplifies this very concept. Much to the appeal of corporate teams who will then be poised to make things happen through a seamless network of coordination, teamwork and creativity, this game comes as a thoughtful move professing the importance of effective communication, in the spheres of personal and professional lives. Choose to stay at an adventure resort in Bangalore for similar experiences.


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