The Big Picture

A slice of Activity

Do you like to paint? The Big Picture brings together your creativity combined with teamwork to produce stunning results. The objective of the game is for individuals to come together in small teams, and be responsible for painting individual or several canvases.

Each of the canvases that are painted is small segments of the overall artwork or “The Big Picture”. With that in mind, individuals need to approach the activity keeping The Big Picture in mind to make sure that the final canvas joins and the artwork looks perfect. Discovery Village provides people with a serene space outside of the city where you can tap into your true potential and make sure that a lot is achieved within a day. Teambuilding activities help individuals in ways that would otherwise take months or even years to develop.

Playing the game

This game can be played in a number of ways but traditionally, individuals are split into smaller teams. Each of these teams is responsible for painting a small segment of The Big Picture. Since nobody knows what the final image will look like, teams have to ensure that they work together to achieve their goal. Teams collect brushes and paint a diagram outlining their individual canvas. They then set out, as a team, to mix and match colours in order to paint the canvas which eventually become a part of The Big Picture.

Due to this restriction, teams must adopt a cooperative strategy instead of conventionally competing with each other. The Big Picture can be anything related to the company. Efficient coordination is required among different teams in order for each of the canvases to fit perfectly. On completion, each team’s canvas is put together and framed in order to get ready for the big reveal. This game is ideal for a corporate day outing or a family outing in Bangalore.

Outcome of the activity

Following the final reveal, there is a debrief session where everybody gets to see the outcome of the activity. The Big Picture is a very old team building activity and makes sure that there are many layers of communication between teams. It shows how collaboration, efficient communication and coordination can result in a masterpiece. The final artwork can be hung at the workplace as a reminder of what can be achieved if resources are pooled together towards one common objective. This activity is definitely a way for many companies to celebrate a shared vision and include its employees in the process.

Fun and Relaxed Environment

Discovery Village adventure resort in Bangalore provides companies with the right space and area to conduct activities such that individuals feel comfortable and are subconsciously in the mood to learn and pick up soft skills. The Big Picture is an excellent activity, which not only encourages creativity but also teaches individuals about the importance of networking and communication in an organization. The Big Picture one of the very successful team building activities in Bangalore and a lot of companies have used it as a way to give back to society either by auctioning the final artwork or even using it to brighten up old age homes.


Teamwork, coordination, collaboration , effective communication ,leadership, ideation, synchronisation, alignment.

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