Shapes and Colours

A slice of Activity

An innovative, objective driven game called Shapes and Colours comes as a well-designed corporate day outing-activity from Discovery Village to a team of participants. Infused with a fun element, the main objective of this game is to explore interpersonal interactions abstaining from the use of visual clues. The objects in question are a selection of different shapes and colours. Identified as the best means to bring out the various personality traits in an individual or a team of players, this game thrusts a great deal of importance on the accuracy of communication. Speaking of the absence of visual clues, a surprise awaits all the participants when they are supposed to play this game completely with blind folds on.

Revisiting the Exclusivity of the Game

Shapes and Colours is indeed a novel activity enlisted by Discovery Village under the umbrella of collaboration, creativity and leadership, thus a great option for team building activities in Bangalore. Thrusting a great deal of importance on the accuracy of verbal communication, teams have a task ahead of them to identify and segregate various objects of different sizes and shapes into corresponding piles. And all this happens when the player is blind folded.

To start off, each participant is allowed to choose a table strewn with multiple shaped objects. He is then allowed to scout through the selection of objects with his blind folds on and then poses a question. The only assistance that comes to the rescue of a player is the answer to this question “What colour is this shape”? This question can be asked a number of times by the player and umpteen times while the onus is on the instructor to answer this question correctly naming its colour. The shape is held up by the player for the instructor to respond with its appropriate colour which is then placed in a pile.

The Objective of the Activity – As it Meets the Eye

The basic objective of this game is to arrange the objects of 36 shapes flaunting different colours into 6 piles of shapes with a matching colour. As mentioned earlier, the blind-folding caveat adds an element of fun and surprise to the game, when players begin to scout for various shapes and colours and segregate them into piles of shapes with the same colour, within a timeline of 30 minutes.

The Multi-Faceted Gaming Activity

Discovery Village believes in bringing out the nascent skills in an individual to the forefront through creative means. This being the basic premise of the game works wonders towards channelizing organizational communication procedures. And for all this to happen in the absence of visual clues simulates the set-up of a workplace, when most of the communication happens without eye-contact. Enabling participants to recall and heed to the instructions given by the instructor, this game comes as a perfect activity to unveil the connection human beings demonstrate with their surroundings. Recognized as an off-beat activity, this corporate game has lots to cheer for on the strength of collaborative style in which the game proceeds that excites the participants in more ways than one! On the flip side, when Shapes and Colours is allowed to be experienced by a close-knit family, this is sure to trace out indelible and pleasant memories in their minds and hearts for years to come, so it might not be the best idea for a family outing in Bangalore. Resorts with activities in Bangalore offer similar experiences, energy and fun!


Problem solving, trust building, team work, leadership, effective communication, empathy, listening effectively, cooperation, collaboration, coordination.

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