Raft building

A slice of Activity

This involves teams of people building rafts, from logs, ropes, tubes and other raw material. It is one of those great Team Building Activities for groups of any size. Starting from scratch to build one that works, it can be a challenging activity indeed. Head to the waters to test your creations. Have some fun by vying for the title of “Last remaining raft afloat”. Think creative and try to work for it to work.

Creativity, unlimited in raft building

Since your raft is your craft, your imagination is the limit here. Think of a design and get a go ahead. The usable model being your aim, you need to make ingenious yet practical use of materials. This provides a beautiful correlation to accept and use what we have. At work or play. What better way to learn to make the best use of available resources?

Raft building also builds Leadership

Find the ones who jump in and stand out as a doer. A team is as strong as its leader. So is the raft you build. Or the bonds you strengthen during the process. No matter what becomes of the raft thereafter. It adds to a sense of shared satisfaction. Relating these to professional or personal settings, such activities can tap into otherwise unseen pioneers.

Holding the key called planning in raft building

A good idea almost always presents itself with doubts regarding the feasibility and other such concerns. Knowing these, planning for a raft may need one to be prepared for expected or unexpected scenarios. Working one’s way through the original plan or modifying it to suit the circumstances is an art. Developing such a crucial skill can help in boardrooms and classrooms alike. While one may need you to make decisions to steer employees and thus the organization towards success, the other may need you to adopt new learning techniques to excel in examinations.

The art of execution in raft building

Got the material. Check. Got an idea. Check. Discussed concerns. Check. Planned a way to do it. Check. Now, organize your team and get going, amidst the beautiful backdrop of one of the best resort in Bangalore for team outing. As with projects of any scale, the demands of raft-building can be physically draining. Getting your group to work together amicably and build your craft tests your team spirit and sportsmanship too.

Harness the power of Team work while raft building

Raft building is great fun and can be used to develop interpersonal skill. Communication and coordination amongst the group are important to completing such an activity. Learning the ropes in the rough is tough but guaranteed to leave its mark for a long time to come. It is a group performance enhancer for sure. Effective teams know each other well. Raft building is a fun option for them to get down to doing it.

We ensure experienced facilitators to groups to make raft building. It is an excellent activity to learn about working within limited means and ensuring much-needed safety precautions.

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