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Merriam-Webster defines Pottery as “the art or activity of creating objects from clay”. A fine art indeed- considering that starting from a mound of moist clay spinning on a wheel, one can transform it into many beautiful forms and shapes. Working with clay can greatly improve hand-eye coordination. Considered a mode of self-expression, this activity is relaxing and therapeutic too. All in all, it makes for a perfect way to unwind and subtly carve your own personality while getting away from the hum-drum of daily life as a student or for a break for working professionals.

Explore your Creativity, unlimited through Pottery

Tap into your artistic side with a lovely piece or have a good laugh at the weird shapes you manage to churn out. Pottery promises to be a definite stress buster for those overworked and otherwise restless nerves. Plan to include it as a deserving break for your loved ones in the family or to include a dose of fun on an outing for your employees. As you figure out unique ways to work with what clay you have, you will learn areas you need to improve on or finding ways to work around them. It is one of those fun activities in Bangalore which encourage one to think out-of-the box, a beneficial quality to come up with innovative solutions in professional or personal life.

The power of Focus achieved while doing Pottery

Converting raw clay into a pre-finished product like a simple vase or bowl is a mental activity which requires concentration. Considered an essential skill for students, it helps to grasp concepts and assimilate information which eventually aide improvement in performance during examinations.

Considering the frenzy that professionals are exposed to in work environments, ability to focus on the task at hand while swiftly prioritizing other pressing assignments provide the opportunity to explore single tasking as a way to achieve more professionally as opposed to the more popular “multitasking” means to increase productivity through this addition to a corporate day outing in Bangalore.

Increased Stability with hands while learning Pottery

Learning to handle clay and guide it into various shapes occurring to your mind requires steady hands. This is often considered as a sign of confidence in contrast with the message of nervousness implied through shaky ones. Mastering this skill asks for constant improvisations and working outside your usual level of comfort much like working with teams of varying talents to tap into the best of individual potentials and work towards a great outcome. While learning different subjects, a student to continuously work on attention and a homemaker has to juggle many demands. The stability with hands is an external display of innate self-confidence and acts as a delicate reminder that one is capable of carving the outcome in any aspect of life.

The best family resort in Bangalore to discover your idea of “fun”

Discovery village is the best family resort in Bangalore to explore the magic of pottery. With more options of such fun filled activities requiring varied levels of physical and mental exertion for it is ideal for corporate gatherings, family getaway, school picnics or other such informal congregations. Far from the daily grind, learn more about one another along with the satisfaction of having created something through an experience to remember.

Shaping clay into an object of art needs immense skill and attention to detail. Roll-up your sleeves and test your skills at the pottery wheel. Pottery making is suitable for teams, families and even children. Recommended for anyone who loves arts and crafts.

Discovery Village at Nandi hills

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