A slice of Activity

Pipeline is an extremely fun game to play, and involves a lot of dexterity and teamwork, which is ideal for a corporate day outing in Bangalore or even a family outing in Bangalore. It can be played with PVC pipes or split bamboo pieces cut in halves. The objective of the game is to transport a marble from point A, which is where the first player will stand, to point B which is either a bucket or can, placed at a significant distance away, only through a pipeline system.

The actual execution of this gameis for about 20 minutes, as well as a one hour training period. We at Discovery Village provide you with a beautiful space that is out of the city and in an environment that is fun and adventure oriented, so you don’t even realise at the end of the day how much has been achieved and what progress you can make. These attributes and characteristics of people could otherwise take years to be instilled!

Playing the Game

Only the first person is allowed to touch the marble with their hands and send it through their pipe to the next team member’s pipe, if they don’t manage to catch it, the game has to be started all over again and this is how the game goes until the marble falls into the bucket. You are not allowed to move your feet with the marble in your pipe and you cannot block the marble from falling out of your pipe with your hand. You simply have to balance it in the pipe and pass it on to the next person.

This game can be played by any number of people split into teams of at least 5-7 members each. By the time the marble reaches the last player, the first player has to join in the line and then the second and then the third, until the goal is reached. It involves a lot of focus on the part of each team member and definitely cannot be completed without the full attention of each member. It requires the team to create a strategy in which they will reach their goal and proper time management from beginning to end.

Get to Know Your Team

This teambuilding exercise can bring out interesting characteristics about a person, like their ability to perform under pressure, being able to listen to instructions and communication methods with other team members. There will be a lot of shouting and frustration for involved because not every member can perform super efficiently at all times and here is where a leader may emerge, one who will help their team by patiently talking them through or encouraging the others to keep moving.

This is a fun activity is a great way to promote team bonding as it also doubles up as a communication game, which is great for resorts with activities in Bangalore. It’s the best way to put some energy into a group and mix team play through a challenge with plenty of laughter and noise.

Kids On The Other Hand

This game can also be played with children, starting at least,from the age of 5. It is amazing to see the strategies they come up with and how different the play is compared to adults. There is a lot to learn from watching a bunch of little children using their creativity and giving it their 100% concentration in order to win. Stay at resorts in Masinagudi or Nandi hills for a trip that you and your family or colleagues will never forget!

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