Land mine

A slice of Activity

This game mimics the danger of walking through a Land mine. Steer your blindfolded team member safely to reach the other side of the mock Landmine. You can use only four words to communicate and guide. This is an activity that tests a team’s ability to trust each other and communicate accurately. An excellent choice for corporate team building.

A game of Land mine for open communication

Listening is an important part of the game. The chance to guide provides one to build on the ability to send crisp and clear messages. Personal or professional, the benefits of open communication channels are extremely crucial. It is an essential that goes in establishing relationships with family, friends and community members. It is a vital life skill and Land mine presents the opportunity to do so while having fun through outdoor activities in Bangalore.

Land mine as a vista for Team work

Guiding the blindfolded member needs coordination between the rest of the team. Over a couple of tries, they begin to understand the need to work together and lead the member across the dangers. Take a step back or front. Pay attention to the word by Person 1 or Person 2. When to talk or what to say. Pour forth suggestions or keep quiet. It is a group performance enhancer for sure. Effective teams know each other well. And they are there to say “I have your back” as the need may be. It will lead you to separate emotion from perception. Learn to trust team members. This activity also opens your mind and allows you to be intuitive which adds to the performance of your team.

Land mine helps bring Focus

The blindfolded member needs to rely on the other senses to get to know the environment and move around as directed. Being attentive and a generous dose of concentration is a must-have for the team. This learning during the course of the game is well applicable in other realms of life too. A student gains the confidence of having assimilated lessons and thus is better geared to face examinations and do well. Attention to detail and ability to focus on tasks can help professionals achieving their targets and hone productivity too.

Along with a target in mind, start Land mine

A goal in sight is a battle half won. Knowing the dangers, prepping for guides, whom to listen to or ensuring each team member gets an equal chance at guiding are all specific nuances of the game which tend to get underplayed. To get to where you want, you must take the first step. So, go ahead achieve your targets and move with intent, within and with your teammates or family.

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Trust building, effective communication and crisp communication, listening skills, team building, and leadership.

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