A slice of Activity

The game of frenzy involves forty balls that are placed in a ring/hoop in the center of the room. There are four teams which will play at a time and are placed at the four corners of the room or the ground. Each team will have its own ring/hoop. It forms an orbit of sorts. The main objective of the game is that the teams have to pick the balls from the center ring and drop it in their own ring. The team with the maximum number of balls in their ring wins the task. The formation adopted by the team is vital in this game. The formation should be such that maximum number of balls can be collected in the shortest period of time.

Any number of people can play this game given that they are divided into 2 or more teams and each team has the same number of players. The bigger the team the better, but it will require more planning and cooperation to accommodate and manage the players. Every team member has to actively participate in this activity in order to complete it efficiently and win the task. It is a physically intensive activity and tests the motor and kinesthetic skills of the team members.

Skills focus

Frenzy is basically a team building activity, great for corporate day outings, where every team member is actively engaged. It will improve the communication skills of the group, as every team member will have a different idea and it is necessary to convey the idea in an efficient manner. The team will be encouraged to take a decision on the best plan and start executing it. It will also bring out the leadership qualities of the team members as they will be pushed to take vital decisions under pressure.

Skills Identification

If you’re the team leader while playing this team building activity in Bangalore, then this activity can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team members and also help recognize their intriguing skills. Who comes up with the best formation? Who is a team player? Who can think on their feet? The observations you make during this activity can help you divide the project work efficiently to the right person which can lead to better and efficient results.

The outcome

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Energiser, Team think, team work, coordination, coopreration, collaboration, think out of the box.

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