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Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the cling-clang of the newspapers boys’ cycle-bells unavoidable phone calls or reminders for your meetings and deliveries, far away from the cloud of dust and pollution that covers the city, is a mystic landscape. Head for the serenity that will calm your overworked mind, and give you a chance to unwind with friends and family in the lap of nature at Discovery Village. Discovery village is among the very popular corporate outing resorts in Bangalore.

Something for Everybody

At Discovery Village, we have a range of packages designed for a range of holidays, including family outings, corporate outings, team lunches and kids’ day out! Relax at our pristine resorts, and let our coordinators engage you in activities which are designed to interest and challenge you, both individually, and as a team. Our activities help you accomplish a number of goals, such as enhancing your soft skills while promising you entertainment. We are voted among the best resorts for our team building activities in Bangalore. Our activities are planned carefully by the life skills team to bring out the sharpness, alertness, and the team player in you. One such activity is the reverse strategy or rabbit hunter wall.

Slow and steady wins the race.... or does it?

While the tale of the Hare and the tortoise taught us that slow and steady wins the race, this game needs you to be quick and perceptive. Rabbit hunter wall/reverse strategy is a 10-minute game which aims to keep you alert! The game aims to improve your sharpness and presence of mind. The participants of the game are first are divided into two groups and told the three hand gestures which depict a rabbit, a hunter, and a wall. While the hunter can kill the rabbit, the wall can block the hunter, and the rabbit can jump over the wall. When the coordinator of the game signals the start, the teams must adopt one of the three gestures. If one team picks rabbit and the other wall, the rabbit wins, while between the hunter and the wall, the wall wins.  If both the teams decide pick the same gesture, it is a tie and the game must start again. The team that gets maximum point is declared the winner.  This game is a good filler as well as an ice-breaker.

Voted the best family resort in Bangalore,Discovery village also has activities for families. We have hill resorts near Bangalorewith scenic beauty, a resort by the river Kabini. These resorts also give you the best location to witness the most wonderful phenomena of sunrise and sunset. Discovery Village at Nandi hills is an adventure resort in Bangalore. Other than activities that boost your soft-skills, at our adventure resorts, we also offer fun and offbeat adventure activities like trekking, biking, rock climbing, etc. Nandi hills also has a beautiful story to tell and is a place or historical importance. Book your holiday today, and prepare to have fun!


Team Bonding, Strategic thinking.

Discovery Village at Nandi hills

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