Hands and Legs

A slice of Activity

Don’t know if your teammates can be trusted in a critical situation? Feel like there are barriers amongst your team members? Want to break the ice and get to know each other better?

If your answer is yes to the above questions, then check out the game ‘hands and legs’ at Discovery Village, ideal for a corporate day outing! The basic objective of the game is to get into the formation as per the instructions of the host within the stipulated time. The team is split into 2-3 groups with 10-12 participants in each group. Once the host announces a certain number of hands and legs, only the said number of hands and legs should touch the ground, the rest should be off the ground. For example, if the host announces 15 hands and 12 legs, the team should form a structure such that only 15 hands out of 20 (10 participants) and 12 legs out of 20 (10 participants) are touching the ground. Sounds easy right? Well, there is a twist. All participants cannot sit or stand. The formation should be such that a few participants are sitting and rest are standing. You can get creative and think of any possible formation as long as it matches the number announced by the host. This activity is physically as well as mentally challenging and requires you to think on your feet (no pun intended).

Team building

In order to achieve the said formation, everybody in the team should get involved in this team building activity in Bangalore. Each person would have thought of a different formation and the task is to select the accurate one to complete the task successfully. It can also bring out intriguing attributes about a person, like their ability to function as a team, communication skills as to how they convey their idea and also their ability to follow instructions once the final formation is decided.

Identification of strengths

If you’re the team leader, then you will have the opportunity to observe all your team mates and identify their strengths. Who will crack under pressure? Who will convey their idea efficiently? Who will not be able to function in a team environment? How will they decide the best formation? How will they get into the right formation? The answers to all these questions will help you identify the strengths of each person and who would be best choice for a project back at the office.


You will have 600 seconds to play this game. Sounds like a lot of time right? Well, that’s 10 minutes. So, chop chop! Get your family to do their best during your family outing in Bangalore!

The Experience

Discovery Village administers the opportunity for you to learn new things about your family, friends and colleagues in a fun and relaxed environment. The activities we plan are astute and fun at the same time. The quality of services we provide are based on our experience of dealing with hundreds of groups from various walks of life. Over the years, we have been able to include this information into our activities in order to make it much more interesting and advantageous for your team. Stay at resorts in Masinagudi or a cottage in Nandi Hills for a trip of a lifetime!

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