Drum Jam

A slice of Activity

Icebreakers are a very efficient way to make people more comfortable in a large group. They are aimed at kick-starting a conference or a meeting on a positive and high note. They allow people to familiarise themselves with known and unknown members of the crowd.

Drum Jam is one such method to set the ball rolling. It is popular, especially during corporate events. Each member of the crowd is given a large percussion instrument, such as a Djembe. The audience uses their fingers to beat the drum. Once the rhythmic beat starts, it is easy to see that almost each and every person in the crowd gets pumped up with energy. As the tempo picks up, the energy level only rises.

Get Comfortable

Are you not an outgoing person? Do you feel a little shy or embarrassed to speak in front of a large crowd? Then Drum Jam is just what you need to get comfortable with your target audience and allow yourself speak your ideas freely. Drum Jam is rapidly gaining popularity as the most fun activity during a corporate outing in Bangalore. The high tempo and rhythmic beats are sure to increase your energy levels. It is a surefire way to commence a corporate meeting with spirited overtones. Moreover, this activity encourages the audience to acquaint themselves with their team members in a non-official setting. This promotes healthy relationships in a team and, as a result increases productivity.

Team Building Exercises

The Drum Jam is an excellent team building exercise. It is a great method to encourage large and small crowds to work together and enables them to see the (peppy) outcome of their united effort. Music has the immense power to motivate people, to bring them out of their shell and increase their confidence in communicating with their team members. The Drum Jam provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your talents and creativity through music. Make special memories with this jam session.

An Unforgettable Experience

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Fun for Everyone

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