Cross Over

A slice of Activity

Cross Over is a great game which needs coordination, planning and a solid strategy in order to emerge as winners. Do you think your team has what it takes to accept this challenge during your corporate day outing or your family outing in Bangalore? Head over to one of our four scenic locations and find out for yourself.

Cross Over was designed by our seasoned panel of experts in order to enhance vital skills like collaboration, creativity, leadership, planning and communication amongst team members. The positive reviews we have received from our clients prove that this game indeed adds value to your skillset.


The rules for Cross Over are pretty simple. The entire group is divided into four teams with equal participants in each team. There will be a maze setup on the ground and the teams have to cross over each other through the maze. One team can cross over the other by stepping on a set of pre-arranged bricks. There are a few other ways the teams can cross over each other but, these will be revealed at the venue. We have saved the best for the last – the game is not as easy as it sounds (where’s the fun in that), there will be an array of tricky conditions to be followed by each participant in order to complete the challenge.

Skills in Focus

The basic objective of incorporating Cross Over into our array of activities was to introduce an activity that would build a large number of skills into a group in a short period of time. This builds communication skills amongst team members as each member will have an idea and it’s necessary to convey this idea vividly. The participants will have to put on their thinking caps on and come up with creative ideas to complete the task. Once all the members have put forward their ideas, the most efficient method has to be decided, this improves decision making skills. The next big step is to work together to convert the idea into a workable plan. This can only be accomplished if all team members collaborate and co-operate with each other. Another plus point is that, all these tasks will be timed, hence the participants will be encouraged to work under pressure. All these small tasks are like pieces of a puzzle. They come together to complete the picture which is enhanced skills of the team.

About us

We at Discovery Village provide you and your family/team with a picturesque location outside the city where we engage you in fun and interactive activities. These activities are designed such that you can have fun and learn a lot at the same time. You could discover intriguing skills in your colleague that would not have surfaced in a corporate environment. You could also enhance the skills of your team with interactive team-building exercises. We have dealt with thousands of people over the years and have made it a point to inculcate this varied experience into all our activities to ensure that you have a great experience with us and take back memories of a lifetime. Stay at Nandi Hills Bangalore, or at adventure resorts in Bangalore for a memorable trip!


Teamwork, Collaboration,Role and responsibilities, responsibilty and ownership, leadership, process adhearation, effective communication, problem solving, collaboration, cooperation, coordination.

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