Bridge Making

A slice of Activity

This activity involved creating a bridge. Although it may sound easy, individuals are split into small teams and have to create a bridge out of limited supplies. At the end of the construction, they have to cooperate, coordinate and put together the bridge such that a small car is able to travel over it.

During the activity, the teams cannot see what the other teams are building. Instead, must rely on networking and communication to figure out the kind of bridge they should build in order for it to fit the design. This activity focuses on teamwork, communication, precision and leadership.

Playing the game

To start with, the room is divided such that teams cannot see what other teams are building. Although individuals are split into teams, they must work together instead of competing against one another and think of a design keeping in mind the resources available with the other teams. The teams get some time to discuss and communicate with their partner team. Teams can only communicate verbally to find out the kind of bridge they should create in order to match the design of the other team’s bridge.

The duration of this activity is around two hours and once the time is up, designs have to be put together looking at “the bigger picture” and a small car will have to travel over the bridge to test its integrity. The stronger the bridge, the more easily the car will be able to travel.

Outcome of the activity

Bridge-making is an excellent activity for a corporate team building activity or a family outing in Bangalore and can be used as a lead in a project workshop. Other than creativity and problem solving, teams are also put in a situation where they have to ensure efficient communication and cooperation so as to generate the best results with respect to the bridge.

The other traits that are found through this team building activity in Bangalore, are to do with leadership and precision. By default, there is a leader chosen for each team from the start, which puts other individuals in a spot where they’re forced to think out of the box and develop new skills. Since Bridge Making is conducted with limited resources, it forces individuals to tap into the creative parts of their brains and think of something out of the box.

Fun and Relaxed Environment

In order for individuals to be comfortable and away from the stress and hustle and bustle of the city, Discovery Village has the right space such as adventure resorts in Bangalore in order for these activities to be conducted smoothly. They help individuals a lot by shaping them and helping them build soft skills that can be used for the rest of their lives. Through Bridge Making, teams not only learn how to work in unison with each other, but also to communicate effectively which can be taken back to the workplace and applied in real life situations as well. Many skills are imparted through this activity and it helps employees remain sharp and at the top of their game because they have to make do with the resources they have. So opt for resorts with activities in Bangalore for a fun break from daily life!


Team building, Bonding, Planning, Visioning, Creativity, Innovation, Working together.

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