Block Game

A slice of Activity

Block games, played when we were kids, was a creative as well as an innovative approach to help us create the structures we had in our minds. We have taken this innocent game up a notch and designed the activity ‘block game’. In ‘block game’, the participants are divided into different smaller teams. Two participants from one team take on the roles of a client and an intermediary. An intermediary is a person interacting on behalf of the client. The team needs to create the structure based on the requirements of the client. There are no rules as to the complexity of the client’s requirements. They can give you a simple structure which can be completed in minutes, or it could be a very complex structure which could leave the team scratching their heads for hours. In accordance with the simplicity of the game, it can be played indoors or outdoors. You could play it in the lawn looking over the beautiful scenery, or you could play it indoors.


There is no stipulated time set for this activity. The time depends on the number of participants involved in the activity as well as your itinerary for the day. If you do not have multiple activities planned for the day, then you can enjoy this activity for a few hours. If you have other activities planned for the day, it is recommended that you complete this activity in under an hour.

There is no limit as to the number of participants in this game either. The more, the merrier! The only condition is that the teams have to be distributed equally i.e. there should be equal number of participants in each group.

Skills in focus

The basic motive behind this activity during a corporate day outing or a family outing in Bangalore, is that as the block stacks up, so does your learning about teamwork, attention to detail and focus. You have to work as a team to complete this activity efficiently. You also have to pay a lot of attention to all the blocks and ensure that you’re doing it according to your client’s requirements at each step. It will improve your planning skills as you will have to collect all the ideas and plan how to build the final structure as per the client’s requirements.

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Teamwork, attention to detail, focus.

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