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At Discovery Village, our team activities are designed to enhance collaborative efforts and creative thinking and enable an individual to display leadership skills and hone communication skills. These skills are identified as key virtues that have the potential to turn a group of individuals from different backgrounds into a well-oiled corporate machine. Our aim is not to convert you into a machine, but to show you how your efficiency can be improved simply by relaxing and having unlimited fun. You find it hard to believe that this is possible? You are just going to have to come down to Discovery Village and see for yourself. We have a number of activities which are simple but are designed especially for corporate groups. These activities are designed in a way that is best suited to bring out the skills required for a person to survive effectively in today’s corporate world. One such activity is Blind Square.

Blind Square is a relatively simple game. All you need to do is convert a circle formed with a 50 foot long rope into a perfect square, but wait – the catch is that you and team need to do it while being blindfolded while only one member of your team will be allowed to watch and shout instructions for the rest of you to follow. This game is tailor-made to improve the communication channels between you and the rest of your team. Not being able to shout out the instructions clearly, or being unable to hear what the instructor is asking you to do might lead to the downfall of your team and we are sure that you definitely do not want to be the reason for your team to fail at this game.

You can participate in blind squareand many other such activities at any one of our four locations. For those of you are seeking corporate team outings in Bangalore, our facility is located just outside Bangalore. The Bangalore facility houses an amphitheatre, swimming pools and loads of space for many outdoor activities. Some of our most popular activities on demand are zorbing, dynamic obstacle course, and climbing. We do not cater to corporate groups only and have plenty on offer for families who choose to visit us for a holiday. We are among the most popular Bangalore resorts for family for you to visit.

Our resorts in Masinagudi are located just on the outskirts of the Mudumalai forest and one can go treks, exchange childhood stories around a campfire or practise archery. Our resort in Nandi Hills has facilities for you to go on treks, survival camps, rappeling, and climbing. We also have a paintball course. Imagine the hours of fun you could have while enjoying a healthy but competitive paintball game. Our newly opened facility at Kabini might be more suited for all the water lovers. You can go canoeing, kayaking, and rafting. For the particularly adventurous among you, and for those who want to experience the freedom and exhilaration of flying, we also have parasailing!


Effective communication, improve listening skills, team work, co-operation, Collaboration, Team work, team building, trust building.

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