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People are the number one valuable product of any team. A team that works cohesively together is more efficient and more productive, as a result of better understanding and deeper connectivity amongst the team members. Establishing this environment is not an easy feat and sometimes typical team games can be more tedious than fun. So read on to learn how to successfully bring a team or a unit together and make it more memorable and make it count!!

Everyone aspires to be seen as an achiever at the office and at home. The universal goal is to succeed, to win and sometimes maybe to be admired. The era of racing through the lemon & spoon games and tug of war has long been replaced with something that eventually concluded in team building activities that are not only fun and productive but also form memories that an individual holds as a moment they connected with their team members. Various organisations and families have found this method to be an organic way to evolve as a well functioning unit. Team building activities in Bangalore are much sought after by the many corporations in the city as a effective way to improve team dynamics and promote the emotional well-being and development of their employees

Not every team is a mirror of any other. Each team has its very own identities and challenges. Each team member has their own individual strengths and weakness. A successful team is one that understands and supports each individual member to reach their goals and therefore mutually benefits the team as a whole. Discovery Village, one of the best adventure resort in Bangalore is built keeping in mind the need to help corporate teams learn to work together through innovative games and interesting activities.

Choosing the right activity for your team during a corporate outing in Bangaloremay be challenging, however at Discovery Village, each activity has been well-researched by qualified personnel to enable your team to achieve their best.This exercise helps show, in a physical way, the different strengths and experiences of your team. This provides an insight into the effects that have on how people work and communicate. It is also an opportunity for team members to learn more about each other.

Big Foot is a fun activity where everyone lines up to form a straight line. The excitement and challenge begin when the team members are blindfolded!They are instructed to reorganize themselves according to shoe size without stating their shoe size to each other.The team will need to work together on communicating without stating their shoe size to each other and without vision. This is a game where teamwork is imperative to succeed. The result of this game is not only connecting as a team but to learn the finer nuances of communication. At certain times, meetings can seem mundane and attentions spans shrink due to dullness and boredom, sapping us of the energy and enthusiasm from your body and mind and affecting our morale adversely.Head to resorts with activities in Bangalore for team-building activities whichcan put the spring you back in your feet, and leave you re-energized and rejuvenated.


Team work, synchronisation, adhering to processes, leadership, following, visioning, conflict management, cooperation, coordination, collaboration, communication, aligning with each other.

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