A slice of Activity

Do you call yourself a strategist? Do you feel like you’re always up for a challenge? Try the Bazooka at Discovery Village!

The objective of the game is to remove plastic balls from the top of a barrel by filling it up with pails of water. The barrel only hangs 12 ft above the ground and is full of holes! Of course, you are not allowed to invert the barrel, or turn it to any side, so you need to figure out a strategy and do it soon!

The only way the task can be completed is if the whole team is physically involved otherwise there’s just no way the task can be achieved. Of course, the bigger the team the better, but good luck fitting them all in!

Get Everybody Involved

Bazooka is physically intriguing and requires a lot of cooperation and strategic planning during a corporate day outing or family outing in Bangalore. Most of the team has to be involved in one job, which may be a boring job, but it is one of the most essential tasks to get the job done. It will be interesting to see how many people will volunteer and who needs to be told to make the sacrifice for the team. How many people and who will be involved in hoisting the person up to the top of the barrel to fill the water. How will your team decide to achieve this in the quickest and easiest way? How will they fill the barrel and with what?

Skills That Surface

This team-building game requires a team to make intelligent decisions on delegating specific tasks to the right candidates. It will bring out the ability of your team to work together for a common goal and how to communicate with each other to figure out a workable plan. It can bring out leadership qualities of particular people and how they deal with a situation that requires patience, quick motor skills, and proper collaboration of each individual. It will also show how each person deals with a competitive situation and their verbal reactions to it.

What You Can Hope To Achieve

Discovery Village provides team building activities in Bangalore for your colleagues or family members to learn new things about each other through these intelligent and objective based games and tasks. Through years of varied experience and dealing with hundreds of groups from different backgrounds, we have also learned how to inculcate and derive these attributes from your team in a fun and interesting manner.

A Fun and Relaxed Environment

Through these activities that are held during a corporate day outing in Bangalore, the team can bond on a casual level in a non-work environment allowing them to be more free and expressive of their character. This will carry itself to the work place as well as it will give you an insight in what kind of work they can handle and how to deal with each member on a more personal level when required.


Team work, co-operation, collaboration, planning and strategising, building trust, patience, empathy, decision making, roles and responsibilities, problem solving, working towards a common goal, conflict management.

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