Barrels and planks

A slice of Activity

“United we stand and divided we fall” takes on a new meaning when you are at a corporate team outing in Bangaloreand playing ‘’Drums and Planks”, an activity which encourages you to come together as a team to overcome the challenge and hand and out-do your competitors. If you and your team members rally around each other, then crossing the obstacle ridden terrain will be successful, but if you don’t, then many team members could tumble, taking the whole team with them!

The Challenge

The activity involves getting from point A to point Bwithout touching the ground while navigating the uneven terrain using oil drums placed at strategic positions and wooden planks to get from drum to drum. The winning team is the one which takes the least time to complete the task. This activity encourages you to think on your feet, and communicate and coordinate with your team members while you plan your strategy on the placement of your ‘’Drums and Planks”.

Woking and playing together

One of the best resorts in MasinagudiDiscovery Village offers the ideal getaway for corporates looking for a relaxing offsite which adds value to the dynamics of the team. Playing drums and planks not only promotes healthy competition, but also gives reason for fun and laughter, as team members try to balance on unsteady planks.

Strategy and Planning

The teams are shown points A and B, so they know the distance they have to travel and the terrain between both points. They also know the number of drums and plank/s they are allowed to use. Aquick team discussion and a reconnaissance of the route makes way for the planning of the route and positioning of the drums, keeping in mind the number of drums, the length of the plank/s, the obstacles on the way, and the unevenness of the ground.Analytical and logical minded members of the team and well as leaders will emerge and come up with a route map, the order of people crossing and so on.

This teaches the team the importance of working out solutions in groups through effective brainstorming and optimum utilisation of limited resources,and to rely on teammates for expertise and support. In addition, it helps managers identify the natural leaders in the group.

Coordination and working with a plan

“A successful team is a group of many hands and one mind”; during your stay in Masinagudiyou and your team will have to coordinate well to place the barrels in their positions (keeping the distance between the barrels exactly right otherwise the plank will not reach!) Do you do this based on the plan or do you all start shouting instructions to each other causing utter confusion... we’ll see!


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