A Frame

A slice of Activity

A-Frame is one of the top rated team building games at Discovery Village. It was designed by our panel of seasoned experts to build team dynamics and leadership skills during your corporate day outing, and also to point out the importance of a leader in an organisation. The basic objective of the game is to build an A-Frame and transport your leader from point A to point B. The concept is simple but, the execution and rules are what makes it challenging.


The entire group is divided into teams of 5-6 members each (the number can vary depending on the size of the group, since it could be a family outing in Bangalore, or even a Bangalore corporate team building event with colleagues). The teams will have to choose one team leader. Once the team leader is chosen, the team will have to build an A-Frame using only bamboo sticks or lashing poles. Once the frame is built, it is suspended using four guy wires to support the frame. The leader has to climb onto the A-Frame. The team members should use the guy wires to walk the leader from point A to point B. The team to complete the challenge the fastest, wins.

Skills in Focus

A-Frame is one our popular activities as it requires a sense of adventurous and intelligence. That is a rare combination. It helps you and your team to enhance numerous skills like creativity, leadership, planning and communication. This game also requires quite a bit of planning to build the A-Frame from scratch. Once the A-Frame is built, every team member will have a notion as to how to walk the leader on the frame. It is necessary to convey the notion in the most effective manner. This enhances the communication skills. Once all the ideas are conveyed, it is necessary to make a workable plan in order to complete the task. The entire team has to work like a single unit to achieve this.

The importance of a leader will be evident in this activity as the leader will guide all the members as to which rope to pull by what distance. They will have a clear perspective of all the four ropes. This builds leadership skills. An added benefit is that you will be able to discover intriguing skills of your peers while you stay at an adventure resort in Bangalore, through this activity – one of your teammates could be really good at tying the ropes, another member could be really good in guiding the team in a particular direction etc.

What you can hope to achieve

Discovery Village provides you and your team with a beautiful place far away from the city for you to unwind and to get to know each other better. We have numerous activities and packages designed to suit your requirements. Over the years, we have dealt with hundreds of groups and thousands of people from various walks of life. We have included this varied experience into all our activities to ensure that you get the maximum benefit during your stay with us. At the end of the day, we want to provide you an experience of a lifetime!


Understand Work-life balance, understand organisational reality, practice leadership, roles and responsibility, Visioning, collaboration, co-operation, perseverance, team work, pulling and letting go forces.

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