Overnight Retreat

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Team of 10-50
All Days

From INR 4720 /- per person onwards

Our Nandi Hills retreat is a true reflection of the earth; the perfect cradle for creativity, camaraderie and collaboration. Engage in dynamic team-building workshops out on the sprawling lawn, with the sky and songbirds for company. Then, discover team bonding in nature’s rawest form. Experience group adrenaline-pumping activities like survival camping, kayaking and raft building, where solidarity is just as important as skill. Translate your learnings in the wilderness today, to the workplace tomorrow.

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Things to know

Tailor your experience by informing your preference in advance.

We avoid activities that result in any disturbance to our ecosystem.

We will share a list of must-carry items upon confirming your booking!

We do not sell, serve or allow liquor at our properties.

We provide quality towels and toiletries in all our rooms.

Food, Stay & Local tours

Cottage stays, delicious food & local tours

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Enjoy serene surroundings, magnificent views & good sleep.

Traditional food

Enjoy delicious meals made from locally grown food, freshly prepared

Local tours

Take a tour of the neighborhood, explore local art & culture.

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