Rappelling & Cave Explore

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Tackle the sinewy trails of Kanakapura to find unique species of birds and butterflies, towering centuries-old trees and bushy-tailed critters greeting you into their kingdom. Defy gravity by abseiling down steep cliffs and sidestepping craggy hollows, and emerge back triumphant to a round of cool drinks, warm snacks and celebrations. This activity is tailored for adrenaline junkies, guaranteeing a thrilling experience all around. At Discovery Village, our upstanding code of ethics ensures we use cutting-edge equipment for all activities, promising an adventuring experience rooted in optimal safety.

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Things to know

Tailor your experience by informing your preference in advance.

We avoid activities that result in any disturbance to our ecosystem.

We will share a list of must-carry items upon confirming your booking!

We do not sell, serve or allow liquor at our properties.

We provide quality towels and toiletries in all our rooms.

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