We are COVID-19 Compliant

Your Safety is our Priority

The global health crisis has led us to make our safety protocols more stringent to ensure you and other guests at Discovery Village have a great time without the fear of getting infected. We are proud to announce that we are a fully COVID-19 compliant organisation. Please observe and consent to the following precautions when you visit any of our properties.

  • Entry to Discovery Village is permitted only after a thermal and oxygen saturation check at the entrance
  • Please wear face masks whenever in close proximity to our staff and other guests. Face masks, shields and gloves are used appropriately by our staff as well
  • Pay attention to the safety brief you will receive when you check in. And adhere to it :)
  • Practice social distancing. Our natural advantage of green and open spaces will certainly help

On our part, we have implemented the following safety measures:

  • On arrival all guests are given complimentary sanitiser bottles for added protection
  • All staff routinely undergo mandatory COVID tests & multiple rounds of awareness-process training
  • All public and high traffic spaces are sanitised with ASPEE Avenger Sprayer ULV Fogger machine along with recommended disinfectant chemicals on a daily basis
  • All rooms & common areas are fogged before & after every use
  • All contact surfaces are wiped frequently with recommended surface sanitiser chemicals
  • Check-in is paperless in order to keep staff & guest interaction minimal. For this reason, we have stopped conducting several close proximity activities. Please check if your favourite Discovery Village activity is currently being offered before booking
  • Swimming pool is closed down until further notice as per government guidelines

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