Spend time bonding and rejuvenating with your kids – 5 awesome places to visit in Karnataka this summer!

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Summer holidays are a great time to reward our kids for all their hard work during the year at the school and relieve them of all the blues. The best way to ensure that the kids enjoy their summer break thoroughly is by taking them on a vacation.
When it comes to selecting an apt location for spending the summer holidays with your family, Karnataka plays a host to some extraordinary places to visit in summer that will rejuvenate and refresh you and create everlasting memories for the entire family.
Here are some of the best places in Karnataka to visit during the summer season.


Photo Credit: Coorg Tourism

Perhaps the jewel in the crown of Karnataka, Coorg, also known as Kodagu is famous for its serene landscapes, low hanging misty clouds and sweet aroma from the numerous coffee plantations. In addition to its lush green forests and enchanting mountains, the places to visit in Coorg include the famous Abbey falls, the Madekeri fort, Dubare elephant camp, Namdroling Monastery and Talacauvery. Adventure lovers can also enjoy white water rafting in Barapole River. Visiting Coorg is a must if you are holidaying in Karnataka.


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Once a hunting ground for the British, Kabini boasts to have a dense population of elusive wild animals and birds. The Kabini River that flows through Nagarhole and Bandipur national parks is the lifeline for all the flora and fauna of this region. Photography enthusiasts, bird spotters, and nature lovers are sure to have a field day at Kabini. The peaceful forest resorts and lodges provide a fantastic place to relax and spend some time having fun with your kids. In addition to going on a wildlife safari, taking a boat ride and going for a nature trail walk, other tourist places in Kabini include the Kabini dam, Nagarhole national park and the thick forests which cannot be skipped when in Kabini.


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Located on the banks of the Tunga River, Shimoga is known as the land of waterfalls and is considered to be the gateway to the Western Ghats. Shimoga is visited by tourists from all over who come to see places like the Gajanur dam, palace of Shivappa Nayaka, Mandagadde bird sanctuary and Koodli. You kids will definitely enjoy a visit to Sakkare Bayalu, a famous elephant training camp located close to the Gajanur dam.


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Sandwiched perfectly between the beautiful beaches of the Arabian Sea and high mountains of the Western Ghats, Mangalore is of the largest cities in Karnataka and a famous getaway spot for tourists who come to enjoy Mangalore’s unique geography and refreshing culture. The city is a perfect holiday spot for spending quality time with your kids.

Bandipur National park

Photo Credits: India Getaways

If you are looking to spend your holiday in the lap of nature, then Bandipur is the place to visit. One of the most famous national parks in Karnataka, Bandipur is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate with your kids and let them be awestruck by the beautiful sights that nature has to offer.
The best way to bond with your kids is to make their summer holidays memorable. So pack your bags and travel to these magnificent destinations that make Karnataka tourism truly enchanting.

3 reasons why Nandi Hills is perfect for your summer wedding

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A destination wedding is a new trend that Indian couples are increasingly choosing for their special day. Picturesque and exclusive destinations with good facilities are the sort of places that are the most sought after. A wedding is once in a lifetime event, and the hosts today do not want to leave any stone unturned to make it memorable for everyone who is a part of this auspicious ceremony.

If you are looking for an iconic destination to get married this summer, then Nandi Hills near Bangalore has to be on the top of your list. This destination offers a beautiful setting that is perfect for marking the onset of an equally beautiful journey.

Following are the 3 reasons why Nandi Hills is perfect for your summer wedding:

The scenic beauty:

Watching the sunrise spread its beautiful wings, from behind a layer of clouds amidst the hills, is a site that everyone craves for. A wedding at Nandi hills is bound to give you ample amount of opportunities to experience the aura of sunrise as a new page dawns in your life. Even the guests who attend the wedding ceremony will be left enthralled by the charm of the setting. A perfect place to begin the new innings of your life, the various viewpoints and other tourist spots at Nandi hills are sure to keep all the guests captivated and excited.

Photo Credit: YouTube

The historical and religious significance:

The location is truly pristine and blessed. Two rivers originate from the hills, imparting the vibes of peace and purity. The hills were known as Anandagiri, meaning the hills of happiness. It is the perfect place to kick-start your journey into a new world of happiness, love, and joy with your loved ones. Nandi hills is also a symbolic religious place. They are believed to be the abode of many Gods and play host to temples such as the Gavi Veerbhadra Swamy temple, Yoga Nandeeshwara temple, Anjaneya temple and many more. What could be a better location to get married than the one which has been blessed with such divinity?

Photo Credit: YouTube

Availability of awesome resorts:

There are a good number of wedding resorts at Nandi hills which hold the best of experiences in hosting wedding ceremonies and are known for their topnotch hospitality services. Being located very close to Bangalore city and at a stone’s throw away from the Bangalore International airport, Nandi Hills is a favourable location, being aloof from all the hustle-bustle. The resorts in Nandi Hills are fully equipped to serve you so that you don’t have to worry about the arrangements and just enjoy the wedding thoroughly.

Photo Credit: Discovery Village

Getting married in the lap of nature has its own charm and excitement. Starting a new journey in a calm, peaceful and elegant setting will infuse the same vibes into your life as well. Therefore, Nandi Hills is nothing short of heaven when it comes to being a destination for your summer wedding.

5 Best Places in South India for Bird Watching

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Southern India teems with many wilderness areas, prime locations for those who want to observe the many species that live in the region’s wetlands and forests. Bird watching today is a hobby that takes people far and wide – a reprieve from the daily grind, where it is just about you, your gear and the sounds of the jungle. Here are five of the top destinations for birding in South India.

Kabini River, Karnataka

Photo credit: Wikipedia

The wetlands and forests around the Kabini River are never silent. From the constant chatter of parakeets to the occasional hoot of a nocturnal owl, one will always hear the buzz of the forest canopy. Kabini is prime birding territory. It falls under the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve, one of the largest stretches of preserved forests in India. Some of the famous feathered residents here are the great black woodpecker, the great imperial pigeon and the Indian pitta. The best resorts in Kabini will offer comprehensive guided birding experiences.

Photo credit: Tour My India

Apart from leisurely houseboat rides, the Vembanad Lake is also a haven for ornithologists and amateur birders alike. The irresistible backwater setting and dramatic lighting and landscape make Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary a perfect place to set up camp. It is a favoured landing ground for migratory birds like the Siberian crane. Other species found here are different types of owls and waterfowl, egrets, herons, parrots and flycatchers.

Photo Credit: Native Planet

Ganeshgudi would feature quite high on a list of South India birdwatching tours. The region is more famous for its temple but one can also make pilgrimages to see some very rare and special avian species. The high elevation and pristine vegetation provide a very distinctive experience for trekkers and travellers. Some of the birds you can encounter here are bulbuls, warblers, the Indian yellow tit, the white bellied blue flycatcher, the brown cheeked fulvetta and many more.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Karnataka

Photo Credit: Trip Adviser

Located in Mysore district, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary includes six small river islands on the Kaveri. Being in a popular tourist zone, it attracts many visitors, a lot of them who come specifically for the birds. In a relatively small area, more than 150 species of birds can be found. The winter months provide the most glorious sights when more than 40,000 birds converge in these wetlands.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, Kerala

Photo Credit: TripAdviser

Salim Ali, India’s most famous ornithologist was a great patron of Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, a biodiversity spot that makes up for its small size with a very long list of feathered and scaled residents. The Malabar grey hornbill is one of the many exotic birds you will find here. Other birds found here include different cuckoos, cormorants, thrushes and more.

You do not have to travel great distances for bird watching holidays in South India, in fact, there are many convenient spots near Bangalore. There are many resorts in Kanakapura Road which organize nature trails and bird watching. A stay at Nandi Hills will guarantee many morning sightings too.

Birding is a hobby that crosses over to noble causes like conservation. It is also the best way to escape the daily grind. Find your next bird watching destination and plan a trip with friends and fellow enthusiasts.

5 Exotic Birds Spotted at Kabini

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Photo Credit: Pinterest

Kabini, due to its location close to Bangalore, has become a hub of nature activities and jungle trips. Birdwatchers also love to converge in these pristine forests to catch a glimpse at some of the many bird species living here. Here are 5 of the popular birds you will come across.

White Wagtail

Photo credit: HPW Alive

The white wagtail is one of the most exotic bird species in Kabini National Park. One can summarise the colour of this small bird as various shades of grey and white. These birds can be caught prowling on dragonflies, a favourite meal. They also love other insects and can be found foraging in the ground for grubs and worms.

Pied Bush Chat

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

This tiny passerine bird species has been chronicled in the folk tales of the Toda tribe and is a constant in the jungles of the Nilgiris. The Pied Bush Chat is found across Asia. You are more likely to find it perched on small bushes, low trees and shrubs, looking for insects in the ground – its favourite delicacy. The male birds are black with a white rump. Their lower bellies and wing patches are also white. Females are brown with slight streaks. The Pied Bush Chat does not grow more than 13 centimetres tall.

Weaver Bird

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Look for bright yellow feathers in the foliage of Kabini’s forests. The Baya Weaver, as the name suggests weaves elaborate nests using material like grass pieces, hay, twigs and leaves. These gourd-shaped dwellings hover strongly attached to the branches of trees with an entrance that faces downwards. The nest of the weaver bird is divided into different chambers – showcasing the complex engineering skills that come to these birds as a natural instinct.

Golden Oriole

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Another glorious looking bird that calls Kabini home is the Golden Oriole. Apart from its distinctive plumage, mainly yellow with a bit of black and a tinge of red, this bird is a fast flyer – it can swoop at 40 kms an hour, quite a feat for a fairly small species. These birds love their insects, nectar and fruits – try to capture a feeding oriole if you have brought your camera along. Just like most other birds, they play a role in the dispersion of seeds in the forest. Golden Orioles have been caught eating lizards too.


Photo credit: HPW Alive

Another highlight when birding in Kabini is the hoopoe. Hoopoes are a family of brightly coloured birds, many of which are found in the jungles of Kabini. Their most distinctive features are the crown on the head and the patterned plumage which is a blend of pink and brown. They are extremely popular amongst the birders of Kabini and you can sight them in most places across the reserve.

Apart from the birds of Kabini wildlife includes many large animals like leopards and jackals. The river landscape provides a venue for coracle rides and treks. Nagarhole National Park is also close by, a famous tiger reserve of Karnataka.
Find the best resorts in Kabini for a memorable birding experience. There are some other destinations closer to Bangalore where one can enjoy birding and nature trails. A stay at Nandi Hills can include some early morning bird watching while there are resorts in Kanakapura Road where one can explore the lush surroundings and encounter vibrant birds.

5 Ideas to Celebrate your Financial Year End with your Team

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The end of the quarter is almost here and things will get crazy at the office. At the same time, it is a perfect time to reward the team for all the efforts, the overtime and the brainstorming sessions. Celebrate the end of the financial year in style and get everyone pumped up for the next. Here are 5 fun annual company event ideas.

Escape Rooms

Photo Credit: Ferrara By Nigh

What better way to bond with colleagues and bosses than an adventure packed escape room? Solve a series of puzzles and mysteries to get yourself and your friends out of a themed escape room, a concept derived from interactive fiction and video games. This physical game requires a lot of teamwork and a certain amount of problem-solving, and of course, it is a whole lot of fun.

Destination Long Lunch

Photo Credit: Flexi Office

For this coming corporate annual day celebration, you can keep it simple with a nice lunch session in a getaway out of town. Cocktails and kebabs are a great way to get the team mingling, as they lounge poolside or explore the scenic surroundings. A stretched-out lunch session can include many fun activities in between, maybe some music and some interactive games. Taking the party out of the office environs also helps everyone refresh and regroup. There are many resorts in Kanakapura Road which are tailor-made for such office getaways.

A Healthy Breakfast Party

Photo Credit: Piccolo Trattoria Catering

A different take on the usual office party ideas, a healthy breakfast party can add some spice to your team dynamics. It does not have to be a quick early morning session – a half-day event is more like it. Throw in some games and music along with a buffet of delicious snacks. We often associate office mornings with serious business and overnight email backlogs – a morning event like this one can help shake things up a bit.

A Night Out Under the Stars

Photo Credit: Discovery Village

Camping trips bring us back to the fundamentals of existence and the simple joys that we miss out when living in the city. It is also a good choice of activity for an office setup. Step out of the boardrooms and replace it with the bonhomie of a campfire and a starlit sky. Camping also builds on the basic principles of altruism and teamwork, which strengthens the bond and loyalty between your team members, as they share these incredible memories together. Check out a host of Masinagudi resorts where you and your colleagues can enjoy a spectacular night out in the wilderness.

Pool Party

Photo Credit: Just Dial

Splashing around in the pool will never go out of fashion. Cool off the heat and stress of your hectic year-end duties with a refreshing drink by the water. A pool party for the team members is sure to start a lot of interactions as friendships blossom. Arranging a pool party is really simple. Choose Discovery Village from many available resorts in Bangalore for corporate team outing. Book the pool and include a host of games and activities around it.

Team events are an important part of the office calendar. These are the occasions where you can cement an office culture that is productive and takes care of everyone’s interest. Plan it well and enjoy a happy workplace for the rest of the year.

Top 5 Destinations for Women with Unique Interests in South India

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India is a land of myriad experiences if you are curious enough to look beneath the veneer of its modernity. Its towns and forests breathe with unique treasures waiting to be discovered. There are many adventures for women who are ready to hit the road on their own. From natural sights to magnificent history, there is no dearth of destinations for the intrepid traveller. Here is a small selection of the best places for solo women travellers in South India.

Hampi – Archaeology and Architecture

Photo Credit: YouTube

Vijayanagara was one of the greatest cities in the world, second in scale only to Beijing. Wide carriageways and immense temple complexes lie in ruins today but these remnants by the Tungabhadra to this day showcase a great architectural age and more. Some of the highlights include the Virupaksha temple, the monuments at Hemakuta Hill and the various market complexes across this medieval Indian city. The building designs and old sculptures set the stage for a wonderful solo sojourn. The sunsets in Hampi are considered other-worldly; enjoy a short hike to the nearby hills to capture this magnificent moment.

Nandi Hills – Nature and the Hills

Photo Credit: Discovery Village

Rejuvenate with a peaceful weekend stay at Nandi Hills, which tower over the surrounding plateau, offering visitors pleasant winding roads, a bit of history and a lot of natural beauty. The hills have many viewpoints and provide a good venue for those who enjoy hikes and treks. Pedalling up the hills on a cycle is one of the best ways to soak in the serenity of the place. At the foothills, you can pamper yourself with a wine tour.

Kabini – Bird Watching Haven

Photo Credit: Discovery Village

Shack up in one of the best resorts in Kabini for a ‘Jungle Book’ experience. The thick forests and the riverine landscape make this a very rich biodiversity spot. The leopards of Kabini are famous but this range is also a heaven for birding enthusiasts. Pack up your binoculars and enjoy encounters with rare and endemic feathered beauties. Some of the species you can sight include White Wagtails, the vibrantly coloured Golden Oriole and beautiful Hoopoes.

Kochi – A Culture and Lifestyle Destination

Photo Credit: Cochin Ashia

Kochi, being a confluence of trade and exchange of cultures for centuries, is one of the most vibrant destinations in Southern India. A walk through the streets of the old town can be full of many surprises – some of the major attractions include the Matancherry Palace and the Fort Kochi area. While in Kochi, treat yourself to an Ayurvedic massage – Kerala style – the perfect topping to this magical solo retreat.

Pondicherry – A Seaside Escapade and More

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The neat layouts of the French quarters are arguably the prettiest neighbourhoods of Pondicherry, which also boasts a regal seaside promenade with many sculptures and iconic buildings on the stretch. Pondicherry is also food paradise – explore the bohemian surroundings of Auroville and its many restaurants. This coastal destination is home to many beaches – some of the scenic ones include Serenity Beach, Auroville Beach and Paradise Beach.

Photo credit: Discovery Village

One does not need to stray too far if the schedule is a little tight. Women travellers will love a stay in one of the resorts in Kanakapura Road, a place known for its verdant surroundings and good connectivity.

5 places to traverse near Kanakpura

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If you are looking forward to exploring some offbeat locations near Bangalore over an extended weekend, then look no further than the regions near Kanakpura. The town of Kanakpura is easy to access from Bangalore via Kanakpura road or by taking the NICE road. The best places to visit near Kanakpura are accessible year round but are breath-taking during the monsoon when the rivers are swollen and the greenery is vibrant.

     1.  Arkavati River

The Arkavati River originates at Nandi Hills and merges with the Cauvery river at Sangama. Sangama and Mekedatu are the most awe-inspiring sights in the state of Karnataka. The two rivers at Sangama have different densities and colors and is a joy to cross after a particularly bountiful monsoon. Coracle boats dot the banks and will help you traverse for a nominal charge. 3.5km from Sangama is Mekedatu which is a narrow and deep gorge and is among the most popular Kanakpura tourist places. The river rushes across this point making it a lovely spot to view the might of nature.


Photo Credit: Discovery Village

     2.  Kallahalli Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple

The Kallahalli Temple is also known as small Tirupati and houses a 7000-year-old idol of Sri Venkateshwara Swamy. One must visit this temple during the Maha Brahma Ratotsava or the Chariot Festival where the main idol is placed on a large and ornate chariot which is then carried across the area around the temple. It is said that Lord Venkateshwara leaves Tirupathi to traverse through time and space in order to become one with the idol at Kallahalli. Booking resorts near Bangalore gives you the flexibility to visit all these temples at your leisure.


Photo Credit: Think Bangalore

    3.  Turahalli Forest Viewpoint off Kanakapura road

A great place for the adventurous, Turahalli forest ideal for anyone interested in hiking, cycling, or rock climbing. This forest has managed to stay off the grid with only a few visitors making a beeline for the same. This means that there are no hawkers allowing the place to stay clean with no garbage littering the place. At the viewpoint is a small temple amongst some boulders and greenery and gives you stunning views of the city. Book the best resorts in Bangalore and plan your visit so that you can catch the sunset from this vantage point.


Photo Credits: Road Trips -Bangalore

     4.   Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta

Popularly known as BR Hills, this site is a wonder of nature. With a delicate ecosystem that is protected by the forest department, the region is thriving with local flora and fauna. The best time to visit BR Hills is during the monsoon when there will be a fine drizzle to accompany your many walks through nature. However, you must take care to not walk around alone in the evening once it becomes dark, as there are predatory animals residing in the forest. Another place to visit in the hills is the temple which has stunning views of the area.


Photo Credit: Go Road Trip

     5.   Chunchi Falls Kanakpura

The Chunchi falls is located on the banks of the Arkavati River before Sangama. The area around the falls is covered by a deciduous forest which comes alive during the monsoon season. Near the waterfall is a watchtower from which you will be able to enjoy a 360 degree of the rocky terrain.


Photo Credit: Travel Triangle

Resorts in Kanakpura Road welcome travellers to the area with modern amenities which are designed to make your stay a memorable one.

All You Need To Know About Outbound Training Program

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Have you noticed that some of the best resorts in Bangalore end up hosting office team building exercises? There was a time when company sponsored retreats were few and often dismissed as a fad. However, these days, we see numerous enterprises conducting corporate outbound training on a regular basis as it brings results.

What Is Outbound Training Program?

Outbound training is a method of improving the productivity of employees through outdoor experiences rather than at the worksite. Based on the science of experiential learning, it helps employees learn by reflecting on their experiences and critical analysis. It has the same effect on an individual as on the job training, simulator training and role-playing. The Outbound training activities list is vast and consists games such as Blind Square, helium stick, twister, and many others. The training program is based on scientific research and is not a random assortment of outdoor activities. The activities incorporate concepts and techniques such as lateral thinking and David Kolb’s experiential learning model.

Photo Credit: Discovery Village

Why is Outbound Training Important?

Why is it that you get trained better from resorts in Bangalore for team outing than at the office? It is because an office environment hampers creativity as the mind feels stifled and is closed to a new perspective. Also, some of us may get sleepy sitting stationary and fail to derive the full benefits of the training program. A neutral and new environment, one which is surrounded by greenery, lets the mind come out of its shell. It helps you identify performance enhancing behaviour which will become apparent during the training. This needs to be registered and repeated. At the same time, negative behaviour can also be identified and discouraged.

Photo Credit: Discovery Village

How It Can Make A Difference In Your Day To Day Work At Office?

Outbound training works on different skills such as leadership, interpersonal communication, motivation and creativity. On an average, half a day can address two learning objectives. Taking up more activities in a single day can saturate the learning process and become counter-productive. It is up to the Human Resources to talk to the managers and find out the areas of skill development. This is then relayed to the training agency which compiles an outbound training program to suit the company objectives.

Below are some of the effects that you can see after the training programme:

  • The activities are designed in such a way that it fosters a sense of camaraderie among its participants.
  • There is no solution that is given to the participants when taking up an activity. It is up to you and your co-workers to find a way out through planning. This helps in improvisation and skill development.
  • It helps build up a team spirit which can help the business attain their objectives through synergy.

Photo Credit: Discovery Village

Note that one outbound training session is not enough, and feedback is required. If companies take you to the best corporate resorts, they need to do it often to capitalize on the outbound training.

5 Tips for Planning the Dream Destination Wedding

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A lot of effort goes into making a wedding event memorable. A wedding in India is an important event where the entire family and friends come under one roof to celebrate the special occasion. For the hosts, it becomes a matter of pride to have a dream wedding which is remembered for a long time. You don’t need a destination wedding planning guide or be a professional to make your event successful.

Here are some simple tips to make your destination wedding a memorable one.

1. Book your marriage destination in advance:

The destination holds the key to a grand wedding. In India, the wedding season is marked by a substantial number of couples taking the vows of eternity, which makes finding a good place very difficult. Booking the marriage destination should be the first item on your destination-wedding checklist. Advance bookings will not only give a cost advantage, they will also allow you to plan the wedding ceremonies and functions, down to the last detail, and avoid last minute tension and rush.

Photo credits: .Cntraveller

2. Select an appropriate decoration:

Select a theme and decoration which is in sync with the wedding resort selected. This will not only make the location more relevant but will also allow you to enjoy the place to the fullest. If you plan to book Kabini resorts in the jungles of Kabini, then going for a theme which is in sync with nature, like a tropical setting, is most appropriate.

Photo credits: Discovery Village

3. Choose a dress that fits the destination:

The idea of a destination wedding is to submerge yourself in the beauty of the place. If you have planned a beach destination, then the dressing should be in line with the surroundings. Similarly, if the wedding is in a royal setting, then the dress should be heavy and match with the royal theme.

Photo Credits: The Wedding Brigade.

4. Put local food options on the menu:

Adding local cuisine to the wedding menu will give the guests a taste of local flavour and also help you save on the destination wedding cost since the local chefs will be able to prepare the dishes easily.
As the famous saying goes, the route to heart passes through the stomach, food is one item which people cherish and remember the most at a wedding. Good food is the key to make any event a memorable one. Hence, pay extra attention to the quality and mix of food items in the wedding.

Photo credits: The Better India

5. Schedule time to relax:

Most marriages end up becoming tiring with back to back ceremonies and events, leaving little time for people to relax and enjoy the destination. Plan a schedule which offers some time to relax and soak in the pleasures offered by the location. Resorts in Bangalore, like most other places, offer a lot of adventure activities, sports facilities and water slides within the resort premises itself. Setting up a sports competition between the bride and the groom side or conducting some fun games between the two parties can be a good ice-breaker session which will be enjoyed by everyone.

Photo credits: Fliker

A destination wedding requires careful planning and an even better execution to make the wedding an event to remember for life. By taking these small yet simple steps, you can ensure that your wedding ceremony will be cherished by all the guests for the years to come.

5 Destinations in Karnataka to host your dream wedding

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A Wedding is one of the most important events in the life of any individual. Wedding marks the beginning of a new phase in life, not only for the bride and groom, but for all the near and dear ones as well. This once-in-a-lifetime event deserves to be celebrated with all the pomp one’s heart desires, and Karnataka is the place to be if you are searching for your dream wedding destination in south India.

1. Nandi Valley:

Photo credit: Discovery Village

Hills covered in clouds and mist are a dream backdrop for a nature-lover’s wedding. The good news is that you don’t have to go all the way to the Himalayas to experience this magic. The Nandi Valley, with Nandi hills in the backdrop is an ideal location to tie the knot of eternity with your loved one. The picturesque backdrops provide ample opportunities to the shutterbugs and selfie lovers, to click and preserve memories of the D-day. Nandi Valley also has some of the best resorts near Bangalore which can host all the wedding events seamlessly.

2. Kabini:

Pic Credit: Myshaadiwale

If you are a nature enthusiast and dream of a wedding amidst the arms of mother nature, then getting married in a jungle is the thing to do for you! The latest rage amongst couples looking for unorthodox destination wedding places in Karnataka a wedding near Kabini River is fast becoming a preferred choice. The cool winds of the forest and the soft trickle of the river are sure to make the couple fall in love all over again. Some of the best resorts in Kabini offer customized wedding experiences. Taking your vows amidst nature in its purest form will truly be an experience to cherish for your entire life.

3. Kanakapura:

Photo credit: Discovery Village

If you are looking for a destination wedding within the Bangalore city limits, then the resorts in Kanakapura road are best suited for your requirements. Luxurious yet simple is the mantra for weddings at Kanakapura. Situated amidst natural wonders like the Chunchi waterfalls and unique geological formations of Mekadatu, Kanakapura provides exclusive backdrops for a stylish pre-wedding photoshoot and a memorable wedding event too.

4. Mysore Palace:

Photo credit: Digitalrev

For those who dream of a fairytale wedding, Mysore, the city of palaces is the best place for a destination wedding. Indian weddings, laced with fervor and intense celebrations that continue for days are nothing short of a royal event. Getting married with the Mysore Palace in the background is definitely an elite and exclusive way to kick-start this wonderful new phase of your life.

5. Bangalore Palace

Photo credit: Weddingplz

Bangalore palace is a preferred location for destination wedding for couples. Situated right in the heart of Bangalore, within the vicinity of an international airport and railway station, the palace is the best place to add a feeler of royalty to your special day. You can hire wedding planners in Bangalore to conduct a theme-based series of events to make the day more exciting and memorable.
As the old saying goes – marriages are made in heaven, but to immortalize the special moment forever, there is no better place than Karnataka.

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