Traditional Games

A slice of Activity

This activity involved creating a bridge. Although it may sound easy, individuals are split into small teams and have to create a bridge out of limited supplies. At the end of the construction, they have to cooperate, coordinate and put together the bridge such that a small car is able to travel over it.

During the activity, the teams cannot see what the other teams are building. Instead, must rely on networking and communication to figure out the kind of bridge they should build in order for it to fit the design. This activity focuses on teamwork, communication, precision and leadership.

Traditional Games

To start with, the room is divided such that teams cannot see what other teams are building. Although individuals are split into teams, they must work together instead of competing against one another and think of a design keeping in mind the resources available with the other teams. The teams get some time to discuss and communicate with their partner team. Teams can only communicate verbally to find out the kind of bridge they should create in order to match the design of the other team’s bridge.

Which traditional games should I look forward to?

India has a rich history of games. You only have to look to the Mahabharata to discover our love for them. When you visit Discovery Village, you can opt to play indoor activities like pallanguzhi, chowka baara, chaupar, pachisi and lattoo as well as outdoor games like lagori, hopscotch, gilli danda and kho kho. We’re constantly trying to revive more traditional games. For a current list of traditional games and activities we offer, reach out to us.

Why are you trying to revive traditional games?

Games have been an exciting part of our childhood, and for us, traditional games are a way to stay rooted to our rich heritage through fun and sports. Most traditional games require more than one player, and are a great way to boost social interactions and teamwork. They also require no expensive gear to play — no uniform, no shoes, no accessories. All you need are people, a space to play in and knowledge of the rules to get you started — and hooked!","head3_para2":"Indian Traditional games also improve agility, dexterity, hand-eye coordination, stamina, rational thinking, concentration, and more. Moreover, these games teach us that we all win some and lose some — the important lesson is to brush off the losses, and jump right in with that infectious enthusiasm.

Need I come to Discovery Village just to participate in traditional games?

Not necessarily. Traditional games only enrich your experience here at Discovery Village. Apart from the breathtaking views and fresh air, you can also opt to participate in other activities including nature walks, birdwatching, treks, boating, canoeing, pottery, camping, and safaris. You can customise the experience of each and every family member, choosing from the list of indoor and outdoor activities available at the Discovery Village resorts.

After tiring yourself out from a whole day of fun at DV, you can sit back and savour high tea in your favourite spot or gather around the campfire and share stories from your childhood with your family.

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