Target shooting

A slice of Activity

As the name suggests, these activities need one to aim and shoot. The targets are objects in various forms and shapes. The centre is often called the bull’s eye. Varying distances and mark types make this challenging. Learn to sight targets, moving and stationary. Mark them with precision and aim correctly and get ready to fire. Use a bow and arrow or different varieties of guns to shoot. Take your choice of Target shooting and add it to your list of fun-filled events and corporate activities on a day out.

Target shooting to aim with accuracy

Boardroom or classroom, the more you practice better the results. Result orientation needs one to be able to estimate or deliver within reasonable limits of accuracy. Some time-out with a choice from our rifles or a game of Archery can bring you closer to hitting the target as well. Each time you draw the arrow, you have a chance to better your aim. Your accuracy at work can propel you to achieve your targets more efficiently or when you practice what you have studied in class you get better at your subjects and perform well in your examination.

Build your ability to focus while target shooting

In the ever-connected world or a corporate atmosphere, we are constantly bombarded with distractions. A mail here, a ring there and it is that easy to lose focus. Paying attention to the task at hand can help you get the work done quickly. It drives your hours to be more productive and increases mental power. Completing an assignment at work or completing a time-bound task, either of these scenarios will need focus and concentration. These abilities can be achieved through practice in a not so tedious way. Target practice as one of the team building activities in Bangalore can harness such skills which are enabling in the work environment too.

Step towards stability through target shooting

One needs body balance required while prepping for your hit. This directly correlated to the work-life balance that most professionals constantly need. It can also be related to the physical- mental balance that a homemaker or student needs. Visualization and complete attentiveness go into making this activity a constant reminder to maintain composure despite pressing demands to excel in all aspects.

Gauging the wind direction in target shooting

A shooting range exposes one to external factors that affect performance. Our trained facilitators pass on their knowledge, ensuring you are equipped to hit your target. Wind speed, its direction and focus are all vital to improving accuracy. See the parallels with your “regular” life? Knowing the key aspects that affect performance – are important whether at studies, work or home. The ability to gauge the effects of key factors and learning about the interdependence go a long way in helping you achieve your end target through such resorts in Kabini

Discovery village offers Target shooting activities for corporate outings, family get together, and school/college picnics. Choose one of our conveniently located retreats. Get. Set. Shoot.

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