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During the times devoid of technology, the ancient people navigated their way through jungles and islands with their prior knowledge, using a sextant or an olden day compass. However, with technology constantly evolving, the people of today have lost touch with nature, and are unable to navigate themselves without relying on what they know best – technology.

Although the ancient art of navigating with the help of basic tools &map has long been forgotten by many, armed forces around the world still get trained by the old school methods, to stay prepared just in case need arises. And that’s exactly what Discovery Village aims to bring back, and in the process, hone some of the survival skills we require in today’s world.

Navigate your Way Out

Navigation is a way to findone’s own position, destination &for plotting a course to find a way to your destination. The different categories of navigation include land navigation, marine navigation, space navigationand aeronautic navigation. With Discovery Village activities, we provide you with a plethora of opportunities to hone your skills on land navigationand train you to build the skills you need to increase self-reliance.

Building and Growing with Discovery Village

Discovery Village provides individuals with the chance to bond as a team during a corporate day outing,with family membersor friends, and help them build trust and grow together by bonding.

The Navigation course is designed to train participants during their team building activities in Bangalore, to read a topographic map using basic techniques, navigate using a compass, and react to situations that require quick thinking and fast movement. Learning basic instructions and techniques that will help individuals work together as a team and navigate themselves out of a situation is the premise of the navigation course. And this is done out of comfort zone which adds tons of confidence& sense of achievement as one reaches the destination.

Skills that can be Taught for Navigation

Life skills such as finding one’s own position, finding the destination and then plotting a waypoint will be tried and tested with a group that is taught and then left to fend for themselves, at resorts with activities in Bangalore!

The map that is provided is divided in a grid format in a specific scale, and the grid is formed using Latitudes and Longitudes.Groups will be led to a remote area, taught the skills and then will be told to read the map, point the compass and chart their way back to civilization from the wilderness, by learning to use these resources.

The Beckoning of the Remote!

The navigation course starts with a 2-hour training and helps participants enhance and polish their leadership abilities, as well as their planning and communication skills, thereby making their team a much stronger one. In the process, other skills like team building, networking, etc are taught and practiced by key attributes built into the experience.

Do you feel like your team needs structure, or your family just needs some ‘family time’ together? We know what you need and we really believe in what we have got lined up for you. Peruse our list of adventure activities at one of the adventure resorts in Bangalore near Discovery Village, that will thrill you and make your group a more close-knit and happy one! Experience a thrill with Discovery Village today for a journey of a lifetime.


leadership abilities, planning and communication skills, team building, networking, adventure, collbartion, trust building.

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