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A slice of Activity

All work and no play makes John a dull boy', and to give you an opportunity to bond with yourself and nature, to rejuvenate and feel relaxed Discover Villages have set up four adventure resorts in Karnataka. Discovery village has packages of fun and frolic to offer you, such as corporate day outing in Bangalore, Ooty Masinagudi resort, cottages in Masinagudi,adventure resorts Bangalore, and resorts near Kanakapura road with scenic beauty. We make it possible for you to escape from the bustling city life, leading you to a lush green and pollution free atmosphere. We are located near the IT hubs, easily accessible by road, and equipped with every modern amenity you need for a comfortable stay.

What we have to offer you

At Discovery Village, we offer you a fun filled package inclusive of meals. To give you a feeling of living amidst nature, most of the construction is kept as close to nature as possible. The joy of bonding with nature is undoubtedly the best. We have packages designed for all age groups and occasions. We host corporate day outing, team lunch, family celebrations like birthdays, kids’ getaway, etc. our cottages and home stays have received appreciation by customers for good hospitality and maintenance. We also give you a variety of global cuisine to relish your taste buds. Keeping in mind the needs of children, we also take extra care to provide them with something special on the menu!

A stroll to soothe your mind

A walk amidst the tranquility of nature is a purifying activity. You not only rejuvenate you mind and body but also take a step closer to nature and gain an understanding of it. A Nature Walk at the Nandi Hills resort is a 45-minute activity where the team is taken for morning walk to Chanraya hills to witness the mesmerizing sunrise. What can beat the joy of listening to chirping birds, whispering woods, and the crackle of dried leaves underfoot! This activity will help you feel at one with nature, and at peace with yourself. You will learn to smell, see, feel and hear what Mother Nature has been waiting to tell you. Just get along a camera and get close and personal with the birds, insects, trees and flowers. We walk to the sunrise viewpoint to look up the sun peeking out from behind the hills, playing hide and seek with the clouds, especially in Bangalore. It is said that you have to know the darkness to appreciate the light. A walk through nature to see the sun rise is rewarding indeed. This activity is sure to energize all age groups and help you feel at peace.

The other extreme

At Discovery Village, we also offer the zorbing Bangalore! Plummet down the hillside in a large ball, experiencing zorbing in the backyard of Bangalore. Discovery Village gives the wildlife lovers a chance to stay close to the wildlife and study and observe them at Masinagudi jungle stay. Adventure resort in Bangalore has a series of activities to offer to the adventure lovers in and around Bangalore. So, where do we meet you?


Grounding, Forest/Digital Detox, Love for the nature, Going back to basic, appreciating flora & fauna, Interpretation of nature, Inspiration from nature, Conservation.

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