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Hot plate

This activity involves a team of 10 people building a hot plate using cardboard or any other material and attaching strings to it. The goal is to not drop the ball that is placed at the centre of the plate while carrying it from the starting point to the finishing point. The activity is also suitable for groups of varying sizes.

Building leadership

Since this is a time-bound activity, a leader is required to discuss with the team and finalize on a plan to complete the task within the allotted time. The task requires the team to build a hot plate and attach strings to it, and there are numerous ways in which this can be done. Everyone in the team is bound to have an opinion on how the task should be accomplished. In such a situation, it is natural for a leader to emerge from the group. This person must have the ability to channel the efforts of the team to reach a common solution without conflict. Communication skills are key in sharing one’s idea to the entire group in this task.

Problem solving and Planning

The exact shape of the plate, location of the strings, and balance are the key factors in this activity. Once the exact shape of the plate is a cutout in the cardboard and the holes are punched to fasten the strings, the next task is to assess the length of the strings. All the strings can either have an equal length or varied length depending on the pressure applied in that particular direction while transporting the ball. This particular section of the task requires patience and meticulous planning. The team must visualize the end product, and fashion the different components which will go towards making it.

Managing emotions

It is necessary to control one’s emotions under pressure in a corporate setting. This law can be applied to this activity as well. Once the entire setup is built, it requires immense teamwork, patience, and ability to control one’s emotions to successfully reach the finish line without dropping the ball. Due to the circular shape of the ball, it has the tendency to roll quickly in a particular direction. To avoid this and to keep the ball at the centre, the teammates need to communicate efficiently with one another and control the movement of the ball. The team which is able to work in tandem towards the common goal is the winner of this activity.

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