A to Z

A slice of Activity

As the name suggests, this game deals with the English alphabets. The main objective is to collect 26 products. Sounds easy right? But, there is a twist! Time is of the essence while playing this game, as you have to acquire all the 26 products in exactly 26 minutes. The entire team has to work together and hunt for the different products representing each alphabet. The clues for the location of each material will be given. The teams will have to crack the clue and then hunt for the material matching the alphabet.

In the same manner, all the 26 materials matching the 26 alphabets will have to be collected in order to win this task.

Skills on focus

A to Z helps your team build an array of skills from collaboration, creativity and leadership, to planning and communication. It works well even for family outings in Bangalore, for a day of family bonding! It is an intensive activity and requires every team member to actively participate in order to complete the task in the stipulated time. This can improve the communication building skills of the team as each team member will have to convey his/her idea in a vivid manner and also the most efficient idea will have to be selected and executed.

This will encourage the team to take smart decisions under pressure. They will have to work as a unit if they have to complete the task in the given time. The game aims to develop cooperation and team bonding during your corporate day outing. The teams will also have to get creative in order to complete the task in the shortest time possible as the conventional way is not always the smartest way.

Split the teams

Since there are 26 materials to collect, it would be wise to split the main team into smaller teams in order to collect all the materials. This will also give the leader of the group to showcase his/her leadership qualities by appropriately dividing the teams and also leading them in the right direction to achieve the goal. You can also identify how each team member deals with a tough situation and if they are capable of taking tough decisions under pressure. This task is aimed at testing the motor and kinesthetic skills of the team members.

We at Discovery Village want to provide fun, educational and adventurous team building activities for you and your team in an enjoyable and relaxed environment. The activities are designed in such a way that the barriers among the team members are broken down, and they are engaged in team-building activities. You can also discover the various hidden talents of your team. It can help identify the intriguing skills of each team member. We have dealt with hundreds of groups over the years and have incorporated that experience into our activities in order to give you the best experience. At the end of the day, we want to provide an experience of a lifetime where you learnt a lot of things about your peers and have a lot of fun at the same time. Stay in Masinagudi or at resorts in Masinagudi for a trip that you will never forget!


collaboration, creativity and leadership, to planning and communication, decision making, cooperation and team bonding.

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