Travel to change your mindset – 5 Reasons How Travel Can Change You

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Everyone gets stuck in a rut from time to time, and more often than not, this is because of the patterns that we groove ourselves into based on the familiar. The chosen way to ‘get away from the grind’ is travel, and whether you’re traveling within the country or overseas, there is undoubted excitement in the joy of experiencing the strange and the new. Here are five ways how traveling can change your perspective for the better.

  1. Breaks the routine

When you enter a new place, you instantly find yourself hearing, seeing and smelling so many different things that don’t usually, and this is something that will teach you to be open to life. You become aware of the little things that make up a large difference when you shift yourself between static locations. You enter a new pace of life that you aren’t used to. And, new experiences definitely exercise your neurons and enhance your adapting skills.

  1. You make new friends

There is an increased opportunity to meet new people, who might end up helping you relate better to others on the other side of whichever fence you are crossing into. Traveling with friends can even help you relate to each other in incredible new ways. This will help you improve your relationships with people from a different place, no matter in which country or state you meet them next time.

  1. It helps you grow

If you ever wanted to learn to speak a new language, taste new cuisine, or experience a new history and culture, there is no better platform to do so than with travel. Travel to locations that cater to your specialized interests – Egypt and Angkor Wat if you’re into archaeology, and Andaman if you’re a scuba and snorkeling enthusiast. You will experience things first hand and get to know how it’s done.


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4. Learn to value experiences over things

It’s a fact that people who spend on experiences rather than things turn out to be happier in the end. There’s no piece of merchandise that could equal the experience of staring down a mountain cliff or rafting down a river. Travel becomes a way of life, and you realize how immersing yourself in new cultures is way more important than buying a luxury car or endless fancy gadgets.


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5. Live in the moment

Whether you’re looking up the Eiffel tower or wandering through the busy streets of old Delhi, traveling teaches you to stop and take in what’s around you in the moment and make the most out of it. You will learn to roll with the punches and deal with whatever challenges come your way. Ultimately, you will be more carefree and lighter in your attitude, ready to take on your next adventure.

Finally, traveling is something that will enable you to stop worrying and be optimistic, through unpredictable encounters and unprecedented happenings on your journey that will ultimately lead you to the understanding that no matter what happens on a journey, you are more than capable of dealing with it.

10 Must-Have Travel Apps in India

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In the age of smartphones, all you need to get something done is an app that’s made for the task. Starting from ticket booking to finding a restaurant or business anywhere on the globe, there is an app you can find for everything. With information at your fingertips, there is little chance that you will lose your way with a smartphone at hand. There are hundreds of apps available on the Android and Apple markets. We’ve collated 10 of the best travel apps handpicked from the lot.



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TripAdvisor is a must-have app, with over 50 million user-generated reviews for thousands of hotels. With a clean format optimized for mobiles, it also incorporates a tool to find low airfares, among other things. You can also query for information on the TripAdvisor forum.

Google Maps


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Google Maps is the app of choice for navigation, and regardless of whether you’re walking, driving, riding a bicycle or using public transport, its direction feature helps you find your way to wherever you want to go. With crowd-sourced traffic date being included in maps now, you can also receive free and accurate traffic updates. Don’t leave home without it.


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RedBus is the preferred application in India for bus booking and related information for over 67,000 routes from around 1800 operators. Features include live bus tracking and one-tap ticket cancellation. Since buses are a widely used and common mode of transport in the country, this app is invaluable for travelers.

IRCTC Connect


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The app is designed to search and book train tickets across the country. It features alerts and journey details, and lets you check details of recently added passengers, which is very convenient to keep track of seats and so on.



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Skype is an alternative to calling and can help save costs such as roaming charges. Videos calls also make more sense when you are traveling to beautiful locations.



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As one of the most popular travel portals, Make My Trip has its own app as well. Apart from booking flight and bus tickets and finding packages, the app provides information about several heritage destinations in India, along with photographs.

Weather Pro


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India is a country with vast variations in topography, and it makes sense to include an app in the list that helps you stay updated with the weather. It’s useful to know the changes in weather when you are traversing across a humid region in North India, cyclone-prone areas like southeast, or in a location with heavy rainfall such as the north-eastern states.



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Cleartrip is another popular web portal-turned-app that helps you get the best prices for accommodation, bus fare, etc., and makes the online booking process simpler and easier. You can avail special discounts on the app as well.



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TripIt is a journey planning tool that creates itineraries for you based on your travel confirmation info. The app has functions like a personal travel organizer that syncs data to your calendar and maps. You can get directions, maps, and weather for each destination on the itinerary.

Google Translate


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This is an invaluable tool in a country like ours where more than 1000 languages are spoken across the country, amid many more. It instantly translates from one major language to another, and the text can either be read or heard as audio.

10 Must Things to Pack While Travelling

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Travel light and safe, but always remember to take basic essentials from home. While the world is a more globalized place and almost all the places we holiday in have the basic requirements at convenient distances, it is always safer to carry things we need on a daily basis, even on vacations. Make a list of things as and when you remember them and turn them into a checklist for your next trip. Here are the 10 essentials that are  must while traveling:

Travel towel

Irrespective of whether you stay in a luxurious hotel or a cosy Airbnb, always carry a light towel for beaches, pool or public baths. A towel made of synthetic microfiber would be the best since they are easy to pack and dry.


This is an essential when you are on a trekking or hiking trip, but just as crucial for any other vacation as you would be traveling to unknown and remote locale. Besides, we all have learned the hard way that our phones fail us at the most crucial times.


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Power Adapters

When travelling abroad, do not forget to carry a power adapter to charge your electronic gadgets since the charging points vary in different countries and you will constantly need your smartphones and laptops.

Medicine and First Aid

Everywhere you go, the basic stores will have medical units but remember to carry medicines that suit your system, especially ones that you need regularly. Also, injuries are unpredictable; be equipped with a basic first-aid kit that can come to the rescue during emergencies.


While its preferred by book lovers to stick to old-school physical copies of a book, you’ll need to pack light and carry an e-reader for travelling. This gives you the freedom to read a number of books without worrying about the additional weight.


In order to carry damp or dirty clothes, food for travel or expensive accessories, zip-lock bags are the best and are very easy and light to pack in your luggage. Carry a few in case you fall short during the trip.


If you are traveling at any time except for the winters, carry a light jacket or overall for chilly nights, or if you fall sick over the holidays. This will also be helpful in long flights or airport waits.


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Comfortable Walking Shoes

Most travels involve lots of walking and exploring. While your heels and flats are fashionable, keep a comfortable pair of walking shoes for days that involve sightseeing or travelling outside of cities and hiking.

Travel Journal

Carry a tiny diary and pen with you to note things that you see and experience. Make it a point to write once every day about your journey. The best way to capture an experience is in words rather than in pictures.

Dry Food and Water

While you may have planned your vacation to the detail, there’s no predicting what might suddenly go off-track. Be prepared to find yourself at a spot away from shops and restaurants – carry some dry snacks and enough water to quench your hunger and thirst.

While these items are essential addition, remember to carry basics like extra undergarments, toiletries, passport, visa and identity proofs. Always carry a backup battery for your smartphone and laptop. Purchase maps and guide books when you reach, to guide the explorer in you.

5 Books You Need to Carry for a Road Trip

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The theme of the millennial is ‘wanderlust’. The need to break away and wander away is now more real than it has ever been. Escaping from the mundane every day and traveling to far-off destinations is becoming increasingly popular especially amongst the working youth. Some of the essentials while traveling, especially alone, include appropriate clothing, medicine, dry snacks and the right set of books for when you are stuck at the airport or on a long drive or a sleepless night. While traveling alone brings you solace, nothing gives you better company than a good book that weaves a world around you. Here are 5 books that will be great travel companions for your next trip:

1. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert


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A fascinating and gripping story of the journey of a woman away from her absolutely normal, ‘well-settled’ life to various cultural spaces in the need to discover within love, devotion, and hunger. This book will inspire you and give you strength to break free and travel across continents if that’s what your heart aches for, constantly. A book that reinforces that traveling is another form of learning and growing.

2. Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer


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A book that turns fantasies into reality for the character, solitude, humanity and wilderness seamlessly weave into one narrative for you. Call him a courageous hero or a village idiot, Chris personifies the wanderlust that burdens all our hearts. Perfect for a camping trip or a sunny mountainside, this beautiful read is an overwhelming experience.

3. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


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Bringing forth delightful adventures of travel, this simple yet enchanting story is full of fantasy, magic, and dreams. Romantically written, this book teaches you a thing or two about travel which is not just a beautiful journey away from home but an arduous realization of self and the world we inhabit.

4. The Beach by Alex Garland


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A must-read for backpacking and trekking trips, and a beautiful read for the afternoons at the beach, this story is about a guy in Bangkok in search of a remote island that is forbidden for tourists in the city. The journey and discovery are exciting and fascinating and will arouse the need for adventure in you.

5. The Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux


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A charming read that will transport you and take you through Europe and South East Asia on a four-month railroad journey in an attempt almost desperate to figure out the world around.  A travelogue you just cannot put down without completing it in one sitting is a tribute to the thrills of a train travel.

While travelling, take books that are gripping and easy to read and at the same time complements the mood and intent of travel. If you are travelling with friends, pick books that are humorous or entertaining. Graphic novels or comics are easy to read when you are on a city tour. Pick wisely and remember to pack light – so you might want to carry e-book for voluminous stories.

Staying Warm in the Winter Season

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Packing for Adventure Activities during the Cold Weather


“Life is either a great adventure or nothing,” said Helen Keller, and words spoken have never been truer. The adrenaline in your system, the exhilarated heart and the fear pumping in every vein is a feeling that renews you and gives you this rejoiced view of life like never before. The attraction towards adventure sports stems from this very need for man to feel fear, to overcome it, and survive. Away from the mundane lives and everyday routine, oxymoronically, man finds solace in danger offered by adventure sports. As the winter is at the doorstep, and its holiday season, a larger number of people are engaging in spending time with their loved ones in beautiful locales, enjoying activities outdoors in the fresh weather.

Safety first


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While the mandatory safety procedures are meticulously followed, people often forget less essential aspects of adventure activities that can completely ruin a personal trip or a corporate day-outing. One the major precautionary steps that one should take while outdoors, especially in the winters is maintain homeostasis. Maintaining an optimum body temperature is crucial to keeping healthy for the adventure sports lined up for you.

Tips to stay warm outdoors


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Here are some things you can do to keep yourself warm in winters when spending time outdoors:

Layer Up – Remember to avoid certain fabrics like cotton during winters, especially if you are going to be spending a significant amount of time outdoors. Nylon is a good inner wear and wool or thermals are also useful and light; these are fabrics that work well when you are outdoors. Use waterproof jackets with mid-weight insulation that will protect you from cold winds or breeze.

Eat right – Hydrate yourself constantly because lower temperatures remove moisture which will leave you dehydrated very soon. Consume larger quantities of fat and calories since calorie is practically a measure of the heat and will help you generate warmth for the body.

The right footwear is key – One of the most important aspect of clothing in winters for outdoors is the right kind of footwear. Depending on the terrain, carry and use suitable footwear that keeps you warm. Keep the sole of your feet covered and warm and immediately remove any piece of clothing if it is wet or damp. The key to keeping your body warm is to keep your feet comfortable.

Keep it moving – While you are at an adventure sports outing this might seem ironic, but if you are feeling too cold and your body isn’t naturally warming up, the fastest solution is to engage in activities and movement. Take shorter breaks and avoid cooling off when you are cold.

Discovery Village offers you a range of adventure activities that will get your adrenaline pumping. Several adventure resorts in Bangalore cater to your passion and organise corporate day outings for large number of people based on your requirement. You can also take some time out of your busy schedules and organize an exciting family outing in Bangalore with Discovery Village. Engage in thrilling sports and activities while staying in luxurious adventure resorts in Bangalore.


Serenity and health: The need for mental peace

19 December  |  At Discovery Village

“Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity,” said Lao Tzu, and this rule doesn’t change with time. In today’s cut-throat and competitive world, the importance of serenity is being hugely undermined. In the wake of success and development, we are failing to acknowledge the need to be serene, i.e., as the definition goes, in a state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled.


Ask yourself this question. When were you really last serene? When was the last time you were truly unperturbed by anything and/or anyone? With success and prosperity on the forefront of your mental awareness, there is hardly any room left to care about your soulful well-being. Think about it – not many of us synonymise the well-being of the mind with sound health, do we?

The recent movie, ‘Dear Zindagi,’ aptly pointed out how tabooed the whole concept of getting therapy from a psychologist, or the so-called ‘brain doctor,’ in our country is. It is almost considered a sin of sorts to be suffering from a troubled mind, so much so that it is a matter of shame. But what if it weren’t allowed to get till there? What if we could do well by our mental peace just by taking a few more proactive steps?

Get out!


Here is where the importance of being outdoors enters the fray. We need to understand that being outdoors isn’t only for kids. As we, as adults, get busy with our careers and other day-to-day issues, it becomes all the more important to take a break and get out of our routines, rooms and cubicles.

Just head out to a Masinagudi jungle stay for the weekend and reconnect with nature. Or you could just do a family outing in Bangalore or visit any of the resorts near Nandi hills. Managed by Discovery Village, you’ll find a host of activities at these venues, ranging from facilitating adventure to bonding, whatever suits your need!

No shame in solo


Sometimes, it is also required for one to have some alone time to regroup that mental peace and serenity that is lost to the ramblings of a routine. Don’t ever shy away from just spending a weekend away at any of the hill resorts near Bangalore to unwind.

A lot of the activities and events conducted by Discovery Village at these venues are aimed just at making this soulful re-connection happen. There is enough proof in human history over the years to prove that being outdoors hugely boosts mental health and peace.

We need to understand one thing for ourselves – that through these getaways and breaks, we are doing a service to ourselves as much as others. For being at the optimum mental health and happiness, these vacations are a must, otherwise we’re just mechanical beings as opposed to human beings.

Take the Festive Spirit Outdoors

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Holiday Season at Discovery Village

John Muir’s quote, “And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul,” resonates well with the kind of soulful, merry Christmas you can spend with your family.

Its December now and that means it is time for the chilly festive season to set in. With the holiday season and the cheer of Christmas now in the air, its time families come together to spend some quality time. It’s the period of bonding and sharing, all about spreading the cheer!

So why not break the trend this year? Why not change the norm this time around? Why not take the festive spirit outdoors? Its holiday season at Discovery Village as well, where facilitating a family outing is just one of the many options.

Take a breather from the cityscape


What’s the fun in enjoying Christmas, looking out of the glass window of your apartment in the city’s umpteenth multi-storey buildings? The fresh air of the hillside can do wonders for your family as you usher in the holidays. You could be camping out in any of the hill resorts near Bangalore or even sipping some delectable hot chocolate in one of the cosy rooms in any of Discovery Village’s options for homestays in Masinagudi.

The festive season is also meant for rejuvenation and soul-searching, and that just cannot happen in your present surroundings, in the doldrums of city life. Sometimes that break away from your routine is all you need to come back stronger.

Fun and adventure beckons


Holidays don’t always need to translate to cosiness and comfort. You could indulge in some fun activities with your family to make some memories and share some satisfying laughs. Again, this will go a long way in refreshing your family as a collective, making yours even more strongly knit as it was before you embarked on the short vacation.

With Discovery Village as your facilitator, there are many resorts with activities in Bangalore as well as in the vicinity for you to escape to, with your family!

What you can expect


So, make this holiday season about heading out with your family and enjoying the pure and cool winter breeze this Christmas. Discovery Village will bring the best of nature to you, through your plans with us. With a host of activities planned out for your group, it is sure to be a memorable experience.

There are a number of great reasons for you to consider this option for the holiday season that is quickly approaching. With so many alternatives these days, it can get pretty confusing. That is why we urge you to not dwell further and go for some change – take a plunge into a Discovery Village experience and you’ll be thankful for having taken the decision to visit an adventure resort in Bangalore. It’s a very busy world we live in, with barely enough time for ourselves. And so, when you’ve got some on your hands, make the most of it!

All for One and One for All

19 December  |  At Discovery Village

Team-Building Activities at Discovery Village


As rightly said by Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

In our everyday mundane corporate settings, professional relationships are often superficial and hard to maintain. As a team, it is almost crucial that there runs a feeling of belongingness and responsibility for each other. Team spirit stems from activities that involve equal participation and having each other’s back to the road of success. The mutual appreciation and recognition of each individual’s strength comes from a point where each one has made equal contribution in unique ways to achieve goals and unlock achievements. The best way to elevate spirits and plant seeds of team spirit in a group is to engage them outside of work. Every day, more and more companies across the globe are investing in team-building activities for the employees as these activities aid in building team spirit and integrity.

Adventure Activities for Team Building


Discovery Village wishes to assist you in perfecting your inter-personal skills and bring out your unique strengths to help you establish stronger bonds in a team. Discovery Village offers a range of team building activities from small to large teams that are designed to promote unity, sense of common goal and instigate communication. These activities are challenging, fun and extremely competitive.

  • Some activities are to bring out your very best and put forward each one’s unique skill sets like ‘A Frame’ or ‘Shapes and Colours’ in which creativity will lead you to success.
  • Games such as ‘Land Mine’ and ‘Drum Jam’ are to improve communication. Engage in physically challenging activities for fun and spend some time to get to know each other in activities such as trekking, survival camping and paint ball.
  • Discovery Village organizes corporate outings in Bangalore where you can engage in fun team building activities such as dynamic obstacle course and rope course challenge where you come together and work as a team.
  • Events lined up for the day also consist of games that promote healthy competitiveness by dividing participants into teams for simple games like tug of war, cricket, and twister.

All these activities are carefully designed for team building and accommodate everyone without exception. You will come out at the end of the trip, after participating in these team building activities, feeling differently about the same set of people you work with on a daily basis. High on team spirit and appreciation for each other, work will be a lot more fun and exciting.

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Discovery Village has adventure resorts in Bangalore for the most adventurous and thrilling team outings you will experience. You can also visit the website for more details regarding hill resorts near Bangalore if you wish to go out of the hustle and bustle of the city for some fresh air. Discovery Village also offers corporate resorts in Bangalore for your convenience now. Book your next corporate outing with Discovery Village for an effortless, hassle-free day out.

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